Hey, "Game Of Thrones" fans. Welcome to the brand new season 7. It's been an extra long wait with the premiere episode 1 getting bumped to the Summer instead of the Spring. The new season will kick off with some action from Jon who is trying to put together a defense of the North. Cersei will be busy attempting to even up the odds and more. These spoilers are from HBO's official press release by way of Spoiler TV.


To kick things off, Spoiler TV reveals episode 1 is named, "Dragonstone." The first plotline that their plot summary mentioned is the one involving Jon Snow.

It turns out that he will be very busy trying to set up a major defense plot for the North.

Will he be successful in his attempt? That's the big question for this storyline. It certainly sounds like a situation that will take a couple of episodes to see how it plays out. Also, it sounds like it could provide some very dramatic moments.

Next, they revealed that Cersei will have at least one scene. She will be busy trying to make sure the odds are fair in regards to something that she's got going on. They didn't mention anything else about her storyline. So, we'll have to wait it out to see what her situation entails. It does sound intriguing though.

Returning home

Their last teaser scoop for this episode mentions that we will see Daenerys aka Dany in action.

She will be returning home at some point. There's no mention of anything else she'll be involved in as they do keep these written descriptions quite short and vague. However, we are pretty sure that Dany's storylines will give us some very interesting scenes as well. This episode was directed by Jeremy Podeswa. The producers of the show David Benioff & D.

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B. Weiss wrote up the script.

Additionally, HBO has released a 2 minute promo clip for season 7. It's titled, "Winter Is Here." We've included it below for those of you who haven't gotten around to viewing it yet. We don't know how many of these scenes will be in the premiere episode. We just know that they will show up in season 7 at some point.

Sansa walking through the snow

The clip starts off showing a pretty long scene that features Sansa walking through the blistering cold snow. Next up, they show a glimpse of Jon Snow in action with some of his crew in the background. Shortly after that, they show a close-up of Cersei and she has a pretty intense look on her face. Next, someone's hand is seen moving along a surface. Then it's revealed to be none other than Dany!

From there, we see a scene that features Arya riding a horse. It's pretty brief. After these introductory scenes, it goes on to show another look a Dany at some point. We're also see glimpses of Tyrion, dragons flying through the air and major fight scenes. At one point, there's a cool scene where one guy's sword becomes engulfed in flames why he's holding it.

He definitely looks like someone you don't want to mess with.

Numerous battles

As the clip nears its conclusion, many other extreme battle scenes are shown. It finally caps off with some guy getting slashed with a sword. That wasn't a good move for him. This season definitely looks like it will feature numerous battle moments. Be sure to check out the new clip below. The premiere episode 1 is confirmed to air next Sunday night, July 16 at 8 pm CT on HBO. Stay tuned.