Agents of SHIELDSeason 5 will soon arrive and the ABC series is set to show more of season 4 ace player, Ming-Na Wen, who played the role of Agent Melinda May. One of the reasons why the 53-year-old Chinese actress has been the series’ apple of the eye is due to the portrayal of her self’s LMD version.

AIDA locked Agent May for quite awhile and let her Life Model Decoy loose. The SHIELD team was betrayed, not expecting the Agent May they were with is an LMD. Even Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) was deceived as he seems to be very happy that May flirts with him all of a sudden.

May and Coulson will not be a couple in Agent of SHIELD season 5

Ming-Na Wen recently attended the FanFest Heroes & Villains in Nashville. She was able to drop a few bombs, giving hints to what happens next in her role. According to Syfy, the actress said that Agents May and Phil might not take their relationship to another level: a romantic one.

“I think they are worried about changing their relationship and making it something where it might make their work relationship tougher,” Ming-Na Wen shared. She adds that both characters value their working relationship, preferring not to risk it. Well, Wen thinks it is for the better. Meanwhile, she jokingly said that the series should let the young roles do the make-out and all other related stuff.

Moreover, Wen has no idea as well why Coulson ended up in space. She is wondering if the Agents have to deal with aliens, which could turn the series into something creepy again. In the end, Wen pointed out that the production team never tells them anything. She will have a meet-up with the producers soon, and from there, the details will probably be unveiled.

Will there be a young lover for Agent May?

As Christian Post pointed out, because of Wen’s suggestions to leave the entire things about make out to the young ones, she probably prefers to have a younger lover. This is not impossible, though chances are it is going to be a short relationship. It can be recalled that in the past seasons, Agent May previously made out with her former and younger co-agent, Grant Ward (Brett Dalton).

However, it is undeniable that Agent May still respects the memory of her husband, Dr. Andrew Garner. Furthermore, viewers have no choice but to wait for May’s fate until “Agents of SHIELD” Season 5 returns in 2018. Unfortunately, the ABC show's cast will not be joining the upcoming San Diego Comic-con International. Share your thoughts in the comment section!