The wait to see who is playing Squirrel Girl is over. Meet the new cast members of Marvel's "New Warriors": teenage heroes are set to venture into adulthood with not-so-super powers and a lot to learn. Marvel representatives took it to Twitter on Tuesday to hint at the characters of “New Warrior.” According to them, the 10-episode series focuses on several young people with “great abilities and powers.” The warriors and avengers will work and live together for a lifetime.

Details of the cast members

According to a report by MSN, Milana Vayntrub (“Silicon Valley”) is set to play superhero Squirrel Girl in Marvel’s new series.

In case you don’t know, let me tell you that Squirrel Girl (Doreen Green) is a young girl who has the abilities to interact with squirrels and other animals. She loves her friend, Tippy Toe, and spends quality time with it.

“Milana is a confident and energetic lady. She has the powers and abilities to play the superhero,” Marvel revealed. According to studio representatives, Squirrel Girl has to fight dangerous animals and her most prominent trait is that she has full faith in her friends and teaches them to believe in themselves. Derek Theler, on the other hand, is playing Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal). Derek previously played the lead role in "Baby Daddy." As the name indicates, Craig Hollis cannot die as he has some specific powers.

Night Thrasher and Robbie Baldwin

A report by Los Angeles Times reveals that Jeremy Tardy ("Dear White People") is playing Dwayne Taylor / Night Thrasher. According to the news website, Dwayne Taylor is an entrepreneur and self-promoter who believes in peace and justice. Calum Worthy has been recruited to play Robbie Baldwin. Calum is already famous for his performance in "Austin & Ally." Robbie is a confident person who throws a kinetic ball of energy that is completely out of control.

Kate Comer is playing Debri, a superhero with excellent telekinetic capabilities. Matthew Moy ("2 Broke Girls") is portraying Zack Smith / Microbe. In case you don’t know anything about Zack, he is a hypochondriac who can interact with microorganisms, which then inform him about “what’s going on in the world.”

“New Warriors” is Marvel Studios’ first live-action series.

Kevin Biegel - known for his performance in "Cougar Town" - is serving as the showrunner. The series will debut on Freeform in summer 2018, co-produced by ABC Signature. Are you waiting for it?

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