"Lucifer" is a fantasy police series which focuses on the main character of Lucifer. The series was created by Tom Kapinos and first aired back in 2016. The series has gained a strong following since its first season which was followed immediately by a second. The third season of "Lucifer" was announced and Season 3 will consist of 22 episodes in total. The trailer for the series dropped recently at the San Diego Comic Con. New teasers and casting were revealed and fans could not believe their eyes.

Season 3 will feature new story lines

The cast and creators of "Lucifer" sat down at San Diego Comic Con to talk about the upcoming third season of the show.

According to TV Live, season 3 will focus heavily on the reason why the character of Lucifer regained his wings. The finale of season 2 of the series showed Lucifer getting his wings back and cast have confirmed that season 3 will delve into this in much more detail. Tom Ellis stated that Lucifer knows his dad is responsible for him getting his wings back.

However, "Lucifer" wants to prove a point to his father. He wants to prove that he is not the angel that his father thinks he is and that he is a devil. In order to do this, he reverts back to his old ways of drinking and hooking up with women. As well as this, the character of Ella will be facing into the history that she has with Sin City.

The third season will see Ella and Lucifer bond as they go on a road trip together.

Former Superman joins the cast

According to LBT, it has been confirmed that actor Tom Welling will be joining the cast of "Lucifer" for the seasons third season. Welling is best known to the world for his role of Superman which he played in the TV series "Smallville" for 10 seasons.

His role on "Lucifer" is said to be a long term role and it was announced that this marks Tom Welling's return to television in earnest. Welling's character will get "Lucifer" pretty mad in the third season and it will be interesting to see the introduction of his character.

Welling will be taking on the role of police lieutenant Marcus Pierce.

His character is a highly accomplished member of the police force and fans can look forward to Pierce stirring up some trouble for "Lucifer" and his friends. The police lieutenant has been described as a strategic and well-respected. The character has some comparisons to "Lucifer," such as his charisma and charming ways, and this causes friction between them. Pierce's connection with detective Chloe Decker will also cause some problems for "Lucifer".

"Lucifer" is due to return to the small screen on October 2. Fans won't have to wait too long before they find out what happens next in the series.