Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio became household names in 1997 after they appeared in James Cameron’s blockbuster movie “Titanic.”

The celebrities who played the characters of Rose and Jack celebrated the 20th anniversary of “Titanic” recently. According to Inquisitr, Winslet and DiCaprio auctioned off a dinner date as part of the actor’s annual charity gala. The annual event was hosted in France on Wednesday, July 26, to celebrate the most famous films of the 1990s.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is a leading environmental charity that is dedicated to the well-being and health of everyone.

According to its official website, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation support projects related to wildlife, domestic violence, and children’s education.

Every year, the charity hosts an auction gala to raise money for all of its projects. Last year, it raised over $43 million and was attended by celebs like Naomi Campbell, Edward Norton, Jonah Hill, Bradley Cooper, and Angelina Jolie.

See DiCaprio and Winslet reunite with 'Titanic' villain Billy Zane

After twenty years and one frosty farewell, Rose and Jack reunited Wednesday – and they were not alone!

The "Titanic" stars were joined by Billy Zane who played Cal Hockley in the 1997 movie.

On July 27, Zane took to his Instagram to share some photographs of himself and Winslet. He wrote, “I enjoyed the company of my co-stars.” In addition to being a film star, Billy is a famous painter -- one of his pieces was on the auction block.

James Cameron and NatGeo team for ‘Titanic’ 20th anniversary

Vanity Fair reports that “Titanic” director James Cameron partners with NatGeo for a new documentary to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his film.

It took Cameron a few years to establish himself as a Hollywood director, thanks to the successes of “Aliens,” “Terminator,” “Judgement Day,” True Lies” and “Terminator 2.” There is no doubt that James’ “Titanic” stole the show and elevated his career to a whole new level.

“When I wrote the film, I did not expect that it would break the box office records.

I was focusing on a lovely story, and I got it right,” Cameron told Vanity Fair.

Paramount Pictures and 20th Century Fox co-financed “Titanic,” with Fox handling the international distributions and Paramount handling the North American release. The film premiered in November 1997 at the Tokyo International Film Festival, where reactions were described as “marvelous” by Los Angeles Times. As of March 1998, “Titanic” was the first Hollywood movie to earn more than $1 billion at the box office until “Avatar” surpassed it in 2010.