Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have been hitting the headlines again after reports about their alleged wedding plans started to make the rounds online. However, speculations are claiming that the mother of Robert Pattinson’s ex-girlfriend does not want the Victoria’s Secret model for her daughter.

‘New Moon’ actress’ mom allegedly hates her girlfriend

The Inquisitr shared that Jules Mann thinks that Stella Maxwell is not the perfect match for her daughter, Kristen Stewart. According to the news outlet, the “Twilight” actress’ mom thinks that the former partner of Miley Cyrus is not a good influence to Robert Pattinson’s ex-ladylove.

An unidentified OK! Magazine insider claimed that Stewart has been acting so immature since she started going out with Maxwell. The same source added that Mann does not think this is good for her daughter’s booming showbiz career.

Reports also have it that Stewart and Maxwell have been partying here and there, which totally bothered Jules Mann. According to rumors, the mother of the “Eclipse” star does not want her daughter to be tagged in another scandal that could threaten her job again especially now that Stewart has been getting more gigs and endorsements offers.

While these claims could possibly be true, Gossip Cop has reported that these speculations are all fabricated. The publication said that Mann had been very supportive of Stewart’s decisions in life and that includes her romance with Maxwell.

Both Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have yet to comment on these reports, so fans of the couple should take things with a grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

Is the couple now planning for their alleged wedding?

Meanwhile, CBC News reported that Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell have crashed a same-sex wedding in Winnipeg, Canada on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

According to the news outlet, the couple arrived at the restaurant for the after-party after newlyweds Kirsten and Kayleigh Jennings said their wedding vows and “I Dos.”

Reports have claimed that the owner of the Pizzeria Gusto restaurant has asked Robert Pattinson’s former girlfriend to appear at the event to surprise the couple.

Stewart and Maxwell even hit the dance floor together after their sweet surprise, The Siver Times shared.

“We got to be formally introduced before they came in and partied with us,” one of the Winnipeg brides told CBC News. Kayleigh Jennings added that they were able to shake the hands of Stewart and Maxwell, who stayed at the reception for three hours.

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell also requested songs and hand some drinks at the after-party. Stay tuned for more news and updates!