kim zolciak loves being on the water and spending time on her family Boat. On Instagram, Kim is often seen spending her summer days on the boat with her husband Kroy Biermann and their children. She's often talking about how she grew up on the water and they clearly love spending time together. So it's surprising when Kim revealed that they were selling their beloved boat.

Kim Zolciak shared the Instagram post recently, outlining everything that fans would get if they decided to purchase the family boat. Of course, many fans were confused because Kim really loves the boat and love spending time on the water.

But as one person pointed out, it might be too small for the family of eight. However, given Kim’s recent headlines in the media, it sounds like fans believe she’s selling the boat for financial reasons.

Not the best reputation

Kim and her husband Kroy have been making headlines over the past couple of months in regards to various financial reasons. Apparently, they've been facing lawsuits over unpaid bills, such as house decoration bills, and even a nanny bill. For some reason, it sounds like sources want to put them in a bad light as if they can't pay their bills.

So when Kim announced that she and Kroy were selling the family boat, some fans believed that she may be struggling financially. There's no proof to suggest that they are indeed having financial issues, but people are speculating as Kroy is no longer playing in the NFL.

The millions of dollars that were coming into the family before are no longer arriving in the bank accounts.

Kim and Kroy have revealed that they've been very responsible with their money and they have invested well, meaning that they don't necessarily rely on Kroy’s million-dollar contracts with the NFL. Plus, Kim recently launched her own skincare line called Kashmere, and she claims that it's doing very well.

Are they out of money?

If they are worried about their money, it would make sense for them to sell the boat. They may want to save money where they can and the boat may be one of those expensive assets they can sell to boost their finances. If Kim does not buy another boat after selling this one, it sounds like fans will assume that they are having financial issues and are unable to pay their bills, because of her love for the boat.

Kim Zolciak is currently filming her own reality show, “Don't Be Tardy,” so she does have one source of income. Kim has also considered going back to “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” even though she enjoys filming her family show.

What do you think about Kim Zolciak selling her boat? Do you think this is a sign that they are having financial issues as some fans believe, or do you think they are just selling the boat so they can buy a bigger one?