Kendall Jenner has been experiencing more trouble with obsessed fans. The star has dealt with her fair share of stalkers in the past and now California born Thomas Hummel has joined the list. Hummel sent Jenner a series of letters between the months of February until July. He told Jenner that he was in love with her claiming that when he first saw her as a child he couldn't help how he felt. However, when Jenner refused to acknowledge Hummel's attempts he became threatening. Jenner has filed for a Restraining Order against her new stalker.

The star has received a series of letters from her stalker

Kendall Jenner has been receiving threatening letters from an Obsessed Fan. The star has recently filed for a restraining order against the individual due to the nature of the letters. The letters started out as declarations of love for the star and began this year in February. The deliveries have not stopped since then. Initially, Kendall's security confronted Thomas Hummel and told him to stop sending the letters to Jenner.

However, weeks later Hummel pursued writing and this time his letters were not ones sent out of love. He turned bitter by the lack of recognition from the celebrity and began to threaten both Kendall and her family.

He recalls falling in love with Kendall when she was only 3-years-old. As well as this, he calls Kendall names such as a f*cking a**hole and other slurs.

Kendall feared for her own safety as well as the safety of her family. She approached the courts and requested a restraining order against Hummel which was granted by the judge.

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Hummel ordered to stay away from Jenner

A judge has granted the restraining order against the individual in question. Thomas Hummel will now have to follow the conditions of the document. He is liable for legal action if he does not. He must now stay at least 100 yards away from Kendall Jenner. The 62-year-old man was seen as a real threat to the star as he made claims that Jenner's own mother organized for her to be raped at Jenner's birthday party.

The disturbing nature of his approaches has led to heightened security around the star. Kendall is highly disturbed by the incident with Thomas Hummel and the claims he has made about her and her family. Hummel is clearly the most deranged stalker Kendall has had to deal with.

There has been no further comment from Jenner or her family. With the restraining order now granted the stars hopes that she will not be contacted again by Hummel.