Kathy Griffin announced on Friday that she has been cleared and is no longer under federal investigation for posting a photo of President Donald Trump’s fake severed head. It was determined that she committed no crime.

Case closed

The 56-year-old comedienne tweeted that her case is closed, and she has been completely exonerated. She had been under investigation since June for the controversial photo she posted in May. The U.S. Secret Service also investigated Griffin’s action and determined she was not a threat against the president's life.

Griffin's legal trouble is over, but her career was damaged because of her action.

Several of her comedy tours were canceled. Some of her sponsors dropped her from their ad campaigns. CNN fired her from hosting its annual New Year's Eve show with Anderson Cooper. It is no doubt that Griffin's name will be back in the news around that time of year even though she has been cleared of any wrong doings.

Still criticizing

Even though Griffin's career took a big hit for her actions, she hasn't stopped criticizing the president. She made negative comments in late June about what he was doing in the White House. The stand-up comedienne called him unpleasant names on Twitter this month and talked badly about him for banning transgenders from serving in the military. She did this while she was still under investigation.

Apparently, Griffin is not afraid to speak her mind even if the White House doesn't like what she says. As a stand-up comedienne, Griffin contends that she has every right to express herself and she is protected by the First Amendment which gives her the right to free speech.

At a press conference in early June, Griffin's attorney, Lisa Bloom, said her client's case is the first one like it.

To her knowledge, Griffin is the first comedian to come under fire for artistic expressions. She concluded that Griffin and any other comedian has the right to publicly ridicule the president no matter who it happens to be.

One would think that the comedienne would not be so quick to talk negatively about the President of the United States, but she says she is not afraid of Donald Trump.

Will Griffin continue to use Trump as a topic of her jokes? She said she will because when she signed up to become a stand-up comedienne, that topic was not eliminated from what she could talk about. Besides, the late night talk show hosts do it and the actors on "Saturday Night Live" do it and nothing happens to them.