Kendra Erika is a pop singer who is currently working with Damon Sharon, a Grammy Award winning producer, in the re-imagining of Frank Sinatra's “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.” Her version of this classic ballad borrows from the themes of the original classic but with Kendra Erika's own unique lyrics, melody, and distinctive electronic dance music (EDM) spin.

Via an exclusive Interview, Kendra Erika discussed her work on her new track, “Under My Skin” and other aspects of her career as a musical artist.

Musical styles, songs, and sounds

Meagan Meehan (MM): What prompted you to get into music and what styles of music do you enjoy working in most?

Kendra Erika (KE): As a child, I was always performing in community theatre and such, and as I got into my teen years, I began singing jazz standards and light pop in local restaurants and lounges. But, after singing covers for so long, I wanted my own identity. I’ve always wanted to write my own music because I just love that creative process. It depends on what the vibe is at the moment. When I really want a message to be the focal point, I’ll write something with a more indie/folksy electronic tone, so the lyrics won’t be overshadowed, and they come through authentically. But, if I’m writing a dance/club song, I still make it poetic, but fun.

MM: How did you initially break into the industry and how did you manage to meet Damon Sharpe?

KE: Every person I have met along the journey has been a stepping stone.

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Damon Sharpe through Jason Dauman, CEO of the pop/dance label, Dauman Music. The writers I was working with prior to Damon, had amicably creative differences when it came to my vision. So, I’m very glad that Jason introduced me to Damon because we work so efficiently together. It’s an eye to eye deal and we refer to ourselves as the "dream team.” To date we have written and recorded four exciting songs that have unique sounds and styles.

MM: What was your reaction to the idea of turning one of Frank Sinatra's classic crooning ballads into an EDM track?

KE: I was just inspired by the title from his song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”. The title itself is just appealing and alluring. But, in the future, it would be awesome to actually turn one of the original gangster’s works into an EDM track.

Experiences, inspirations, and more

MM: What have been a few of the best experiences you have had regarding your fans and/or feedback?

KE: The most refreshing thing that has happened is when I made the switch from performer to artist and became more authentic with who I was as a person. That was when I started to get a lot of positive feedback. I used to do a lot of bubblegum pop, and I think now that I was trying to be another spike in the wheel. Trying to be someone you're not is a common theme in music nowadays, to the point where it’s a business and not a reflective art form. As an artist, you’re here to inspire and help people focus on their own personal growth; not to numb and entertain them. People like people. People connect with people.

I remind myself every day to stay true to my path and who I am as a person.

MM: How many songs have you worked on thus far in your career and do you have any favorites?

KE: I have written and recorded at least fourteen songs and many can be found on my website. I am particularly proud of the last four songs I recorded in Los Angeles with Damon Sharpe. "Oasis" reached #9 on the Billboard Dance Charts earlier this year and "Under My Skin" is currently in the Top 20. I am working on completing my first album which we are planning to release in September 2017.

MM: What is coming up next for you regarding performances and/or projects?

KE: I have a club tour coming up in the fall and winter, and I’m doing club appearances throughout the summer. Stay tuned for the album releasing this September, and be sure to check out my latest single, “Under My Skin”, on iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify!

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