On Saturday night July 8th Geroge Clinton performed at the Riverside Park in Lynchburg Va. Clinton, 75 is the founder of group "Parliament-Funkadelic." He has been performing for 6 decades. And now is entertaining the children of those who grew up enjoying his music.

PFunk lives on

In the late 1970's "Parliament-Funkadelic" performed some of the most electrifying and entertaining concerts produced at the time. To promote the album "Mothership Connection" Clinton would descend from a spaceship onto the stage and the crowd would go wild. In the minds of Clinton fans, he originated the hand gesture that musicians today use as devil horns.

Back then the thumb and middle finger down with the pointer, ring, and baby finger up was called and still referred to today as the PFunk sign.

It was "Parliament-Funkadelic" who first began having the audience interact by simultaneously shining flashlights or cigarette lighters when the group performed their 1978 hit single "Flashlight." George Clinton and his crew had numerous singles in the top 10 throughout the 1970's and 1980's. Every one of their concerts was sold out and fans always received much more than they paid for because the shows were spectacular.

The music of "Parliament-Funkadelic" has never been off the radar because of oldies stations. You can currently hear selected songs in a number of TV commercials.

" Flashlight" was used in the movie "Muppets in Space" where Clinton had a cameo role. Now at age 75 Clinton continues to stay relevant and wow audiences. So many entertainers and musicians from the 1970's have passed away like Michael Jackson, Prince and Greg Allman but Clinton continues to be going strong.

George Clinton impressing younger generations

According to the "Houston Press," Songs made popular by "Parliament-Funkadelic" are at the top when it comes to music being utilized by other artists. "Mothership Connection" has been sampled close to 30 times, "Flashlight" more than 60, "Knee Deep" over 70 and "Atomic Dog" has been borrowed" more than 150 times.

They say imitation is the best form of flattery and clearly, Hip Hop artists such as Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre and "De La Soul" are impressed with George Clinton's genius.

In the photo with Mr. Clinton is my son Michael L Preston Jr. age 35. Michael's father and I have enjoyed "Parliament-Funkadelic" since the 1970's and attended every concert that was in our hometown during the group's heyday. Michael's father owned every "Parliament-Funkadelic" album that was produced and Michael Jr. grew up listening to the music at home. He was blessed to see George Clinton perform in Lynchburg Va. on Saturday night.

In addition to this photo, Michael was able to tell Mr. Clinton how his much his music meant to our family.

The PFunk master replied with a gracious "thank you." Michael Jr. said that during the concert he did not feel he was looking at a 75-year-old man but simply a performer working his craft. This is how it should be. George Clinton will continue his tour throughout the United States until November. You may obtain dates by going to the following website. https://www.viagogo.com/Concert-Tickets/R+B-Urban-Soul/George-Clinton-Tickets?