Uh-oh! Are the Clooneys prosecuting the paparazzi? Well, it seems so after French magazine Voici attracted the ire of george clooney for illegally taking the pictures of their babies while his family was enjoying a vacation in Lake Como, Italy.

Earlier this month, George and Amal, together with their twins — Ella and Alexander — were spotted exiting a private jet in Milan. Based on the reports, the Clooneys’ Italian getaway was in celebration of their babies’ one month birthday.

The lawsuit

Following the arrival of the Clooney twins in London’s St.

Mary’s Hospital on June 6, the paparazzi have been so eager to get some exclusive photos of the babies. Driven by this intention, some photographers could really get out of the line — to the point of the privacy of their subjects, just like what Voici had reportedly done to the Clooneys.

According to E! News, the French publication printed the paparazzi photos of George Clooney’s twins that were taken while the family was vacationing at the actor’s Lake Como residence. The problem, however, the pictures were published without the consent of the couple.

Voici, which put the “exclusive” images of the babies “in the arms” of George and Amal in print, is now in danger of facing a lawsuit. In fact, the 56-year-old “Money Monster” star released a statement threatening to sue.

George even said that Voici photographers “scaled” their estate to illegally get a shot of their babies.

The actor added the paparazzo even climb a tree to take a stolen snapshot. Even though the pictures were blurry, Amal’s husband vowed to sue the agency and the magazine, as well as the person responsible for taking the photos without their consent “to the full extent of the law,” citing their twins’ safety.

Voici’s response

Following George’s threats to sue them, a representative for the magazine has explained their side of the story. Voici stressed that the exclusive photos published on Friday do not put the lives of George and Amal, as well as their 7-weeks-old twins, at risk.

The magazine further claimed that the publication of the photographs was only a “response to a public demand” since they both are public and A-list personalities.

Italian vacation

Despite the lawsuit, the Clooneys reportedly spent their summer vacation in Italy happily. An insider reportedly told People that the couple was very hands-on parents to their babies.

The source added that they both appeared to love parenthood even though their twins are keeping them very busy. But apart from taking care of their twins and spending most of their time at their villa, producer and George’s longtime pal Ben Weiss revealed that the couple also spent some “low-key date night.”

Temporary protection orders

Meanwhile, this is not the first time that George Clooney had a run-in with the paparazzi.

In fact, the actor previously secured two temporary protection orders to ban the paparazzo from getting close to his home, prior to his 2014 Italian wedding to his human rights barrister wife. At the time, people are forbidden to stop outside his estate, as well as the water adjacent to his villa.