Cersei's death has been a focal point for so many fans of "Game of Thrones." If you asked me, I wouldn't want to see her leave because she is simply awesome. The way she plays the game is empowering and come on; this is just a show. Well, she has had her moments of craziness and pure madness, but we all do. Don't get me wrong! I do not justify what she has done, but I do try to understand her motives and perceive her as a real living person, not a 2D, flat and fleshless corpse.

However, I don't blame most people for their hatred towards the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm.

Only God knows how many of them pray to see her killed. Then once and for all, all the good guys can hug each other and defeat the common enemy. But. And as Ned Stark had once said (at least his nephew says so), “everything before but is… meaningless.” But this is "Game of Thrones, " and things don't work this way. They are more real and palpable; they feel 3D.

No secret – Cersei will die

There is no doubt that (I'm sure it won't be this season, though) Cersei will be dead by the end of the series. I think it's obvious – where will she go and what will her purpose be when the white walkers are sent to hell? We have a consensus on that point. But how will this happen? Or who is going to Kill her because she has to be killed?

Can you imagine the Lioness dying of tuberculosis? Or a mosquito bite? No, neither can I.

The Valonqar prophecy

“And when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.

This is what Maggy the frog, a woods witch, once said to young Cersei. We know that some parts of that prophecy, regarding the death of her children, indeed came true.

Besides, so far there has been some other prophecies, which happened or will happen. Remember Daenerys's three betrayals? Or Jojen Reed's green dreams? Surely you haven't forgotten Melisandre's Promised Prince, who is about to be revealed perhaps at the end of this season.

Who's the Valonqar

Who might this “little brother” (this is what valonqar means in High Valyrian) be?

Well, Cersei has two brothers – one she loves and one she hates. They both, in terms of age (though she and Jaime are twins) are her little, sweet, cute brothers.

At first, Tyrion seemed to be the perfect man to do the job – he has at least one billion reasons to do it and is currently fighting on Daenerys's side. But wouldn't that be too obvious, wouldn't it be the too eye-for-an-eye scenario? Besides, I don't think Tyrion hates her and could choke her to death.

Here comes the other suspect – Jaime Lannister, the Kingslayer. So, not only is he a backstabber but people want him to become a Queenslayer? Sorry, I am not buying this.

It can't happen

I can't believe Jamie will kill his sister. Most importantly I don't want him to do it.

Yes, his transformation from a cocky, handsome sword master to a wise and loyal one-handed battle commander is spectacular. He's had his bad days, but he has found the path to righteousness.

It would be so illogical, after everything he has done for Cersei, one day just to decide that she's not good and slay her? He perfectly knows what she is. Once I remember he called her a “hateful woman.” But he is her brother and lover and the things we do for love...

Will you be able to just kill your loved ones because there is a greater cause? Sure. Kill her and just rush North to save the world? Because the realm is more important? I don't think so. That would spoil the uniqueness and greatness of the show, and make it less real and more Hollywood. It would be disappointing.

Let's put off this for now and wait patiently for the upcoming episode 3.