Game of Thrones” season 7 story lines are not only about the inevitable wars happening in both the North and South of Westeros but also of major and minor characters seeing each other once more or for the first time.

So far, we have seen Arya Stark reuniting with Hot Pie and unexpectedly encountering cold Nymeria at the woods. Talking about fire and ice, well, the dire wolf, may still be holding bitter abandonment issues with Arya after being shooed away in “Game of Thrones” season 1.

Girl, she was saving and did save your life possibly from the Hound who butchered Mycah, the butcher's boy may be out of rage when he can’t find you and put your shaggy head on a spike.

Now you got a pack, but Arya is still a lone wolf. Be thankful.

Sansa and Arya reunion

We all know that a Targaryen aunt and nephew reunion is happening in Dragonstone. Although Jon and Daenerys are clueless about their fire and blood relationship, so are we until last season.

How about a Stark sisters’ reunion? We kind of looking forward to this until Arya met up with Ed Sheeran and his merry band of relatable Lannister soldiers who asked her where she was heading. King’s Landing to kill the Queen, she said. They laughed, we were stunned. We do not find that funny at all.

This must be the reason why so much rage was directed to Sheeran’s cameo by many GoT fans, apart of course from that annoying sweet smile.

Make him a Tyrell soldier and have him picking roses for the Queen of Thorns.

Arya is heading to Winterfell?

But big thanks to Hot Pie, who could do quite well as both a caterer and an events’ organizer in the Riverlands. After revealing to his friend that Jon is at Winterfell and the King of the North, Arya appeared to have changed her mind and is now presumably going home.

She is heading towards Sansa, though it was Jon she was expecting and looking forward to seeing. We just hope she will not stick her sister with Needle’s pointy end out of sheer disappointment.

We are not about happy endings

In a recent interview with ET of Sophie Turner at the Comic-Con 2017, she may have inadvertently revealed some hints about the Stark sisters’ reunion this season, and it may not be what we obviously expect to happen.

Asked by ET if she could give a Stark sisters’ update, Turner said NO. Then she went on to say “…it would be amazing if they would crossover at some point but we may have more chance in the Marvel universe than in “Game of Thrones.” Because we are not about happy endings on “Game of Thrones.”

Arya may quickly change her mind again in the same way she rips the smirking Walder Frey off her face and decides she wants to stick Cersie with the pointy end after all. That is, of course, assuming that she changed her mind in the first place.