Are you a "Game of Thrones" fan? If yes, I assume you have already seen Ed Sheeran on the first episode of Season 7. Yes, you read it right. The singer, songwriter, pop idol, and an inspiration to many showed up in "Dragonstone," the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 premiere aired on Sunday. Edward Christopher Sheeran, or simply known as Ed Sheeran, played as one of the Lannister soldiers who sung "Hands of Gold" as Arya Stark rode by on her horse.

Director Jeremy Podeswa on Ed Sheeran

While "Game of Thrones" followers may have had a combined reaction to Sheeran's cameo in the first episode of Season 7, director Jeremy Podeswa had nothing but praise and appreciation for the English singer-songwriter.

According to Podeswa, Sheeran is one of the nicest guys in the world. Aside from that, the director also mentioned that the musician has a very lovely habit, a team player, and always wants to do a good job. "It was lovely working with Ed," Podeswa said in an interview. The director also claimed that Sheeran takes direction righteously and very open to feedbacks."He's a big fan of the show and he was really excited to be a part of it," he added.

Sheeran's talent in music blends into the world of "Game of Thrones" and produced a nice way of presenting the scenario of the show. In fact, the lovely voice of this widely-known artist was used to make a great effect and bear a really nice image that nobody would even blink about his presence on the show.

Ed Sheeran's cameo appearance

Sheeran's cameo role as a Lannister soldier in the premiere episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 7 drew a mix of praise and criticism feedbacks from the viewers. Some fans said that his appearance was good and gave life to the character, while some found it to be distracting.

The scene represented Sheeran and other soldier characters singing around a campfire and sharing their meal with Arya Stark, the character portrayed by Maisie Williams.

Following various online reactions, the singer-songwriter temporarily deleted his Twitter account this week.

This issue has been explained by Sheeran itself saying that negative comments directed at him are the mere reason for him to disable his Twitter. "I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things," Sheeran said.

Despite the rumors, Sheeran really enjoyed himself on the set of HBO's "Game of Thrones." Aside from that, he also enjoyed working with his new friend, Williams. "It's cool to see Maisie get into character. I think people expect her to be Arya Stark, but she's just a sweet, smiley person."