"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is about to see the gathering of most powerful Saiyans from Universe 6 and Universe 7. Episode 101 synopsis from the Weekly Shonen Jump previewed Goku challenging Jiren into a one on one battle. But it seems like Jiren has something better in mind.

Episode 100

Episode 100 will feature Kale's first-time transformation in the stage of Tournament of Power. She will be a savage force in the tournament, and everyone will have the surprise of their lives underestimating her. Meanwhile, Caulifla will be asking Goku to teach her how to use the Super Saiyan Blue form.

But before that, the two will have a great fight in their Super Saiyan 2 forms.

There's also a possible Cabba vs. Vegeta battle in which a Super Saiyan Cabba how he improved after the time he first met his (sort of a) Master. So does it mean that Vegeta succeeded in defeating Botamo & Magetta? The answer will be known in the next episode.

Episode 101

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 101 which is titled "The Warriors of Justice Close In! Pride Troopers!!" will feature three Saiyans: Goku, Kale, and Caulifla working together to defeat the Pride Troopers. Goku will be challenging Jiren for a one on one fight to see how strong the Pride Trooper is. Jiren, however, declined, sending five Pride Troopers instead.

Seeing his disadvantage and without Vegeta to lend him a hand, Goku will fight alongside the two female Saiyan to defeat the Pride Troopers. But will they succeed?

One of the Pride Trooper that was sent to battle Goku is Kahseral. He is a powerful character and can make combination attacks with Dyspo. Kahseral is a strong opponent and one warrior who Jiren deem to have the power to beat the Saiyans.

He was also seen on Old Kai's premonitions.

It turned out that Kale will not be eliminated in the Tournament of Power, though her rampage will be stopped by Jiren. It is possible that Caulifla will seek Kale's help when the Pride Trooper attacks. Kale will agree and once again begin her rampage. Though it is also possible that she will have a sort of control to her berserker form to enable teamwork between the tree Saiyans

There will also be a Master Roshi moment in the 101st episode of "Dragon Ball Super".

It seems like the Master will be separated from his comrades, though he will escape this situation by using his paralysing technique until his comrades will come back. For a man his age, Master Roshi is still kicking.

What do you think will happen to the three Saiyans? How powerful are the Pride Troopers? Stay tuned for more updates.