Demi Lovato is 24 years old, but in many ways, the outspoken and brave singer-songwriter has lived lifetimes and traveled many miles literally and emotionally since emerging as a Disney Channel star on "Camp Rock." Fame definitely became a double-edged sword for Demi, and the constant drive of the stardom machine almost took her sanity, before she took the wheel of her own life, and took time out to seek healing treatment in mind and body.

Demi Lovato has learned to love herself. She has become an ambassador for mental health, as well as management and treatment of bipolar disorder. She knows what it takes to make a comeback, in every sense, and now, her new song, "Sorry Not Sorry" is a bold statement and proclamation about who she is, and not letting any detractors get in her way.

To the haters, not any heartthrob

Some media voices, and maybe even a few among the Demi Lovato army of "Lovatics" are wondering who the intended target of "Sorry Not Sorry" is. The singer assures that everyone looking up her old boyfriends can stop their search. "It's actually just a song about the haters," explained Lovato to Amazon Music, reported in the Huffington Post. She elaborated that the song is her way of saying "I'm good now," and showing sympathy to those who aren't loving life so much.

There is that familiar mantra that "Hurting people hurt people," and now, Demi Lovato can recognize that territory from a much better place, and accept herself as a much better and stronger person for taking the journey.

Up for the struggle

Demi Lovato has a history of catch, can't get out of your head, tunes for the summer.

There was the sultry, "Cool for the Summer" that sizzled with the burn of physical attraction. She was proud to unveil herself as "Confident," in a moving statement of an album, but some completely unmerited stings on social media almost dragged Demi down again. Everyone needs a respite from time to time to find restored strength, and the lyrics to "Sorry Not Sorry" show that this woman has found that strength that she didn't know existed.

The song lyrics, "Payback is a bad b*tch/ And baby, I’m the baddest/ You f***ing with a savage," makes the message loud and clear. "I'm sorry (I'm not sorry)."

The single is the first from Demi Lovato's still-untitled sixth album, and it already has some high-powered fan support. Paris Hilton has been proclaiming her love for the track on her celebrity DJ gigging.

Beauty and social media celebrity, James Charles, loves that the song dares to go "all the way off."

The praise that matters most to Demi Lovato comes from her fans, who not only have their fingers flying in leaving positive support for the song but who have never wavered in constant support of their favorite female in music. Lovato returned the love to her "Lovatics," with gratitude in a note of thanks for "literally every single one of you" who "wrapped your arms around me" in "unwavering" support.

Kelly Clarkson has joined Demi Lovato in being very select in her choice of words for haters and shamers recently. There will be those who find it hard to take when the girls they loved so much as long as the songs and the words always stayed sweet become strong, articulate, survivors who are comfortable being themselves.

Ladies like them use their talents to teach us all how to create a world of acceptance and hope, stronger together.

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