Dave Filoni did it again. Yesterday, during the commotion coming from this year's San Diego Comic Con, he released another small scene between two key characters in the "Star Wars Rebels" series. Not only did it answer a question that has been floating around many fans' minds (a rarity coming from Dave), ever since she was introduced to the show way back at the beginning of season 2, but it also gave insight into both characters. It is a sweet moment that is not to be missed.

The scene

In a rare show of candor, Dave Filoni -- the Executive Producer for "Star Wars Rebels" -- released another small scene between two beloved characters, Ahsoka Tano and Kanan Jarrus.

In this piece, fans finally learn that while the two do not know each other well, they did interact a few times on occasion. In other words, they met prior to this show.

Throughout this, fans not only learned about their previous short history together but also that during her limited time in season 2, she acted as a sort of mentor to the former Jedi. As such, she wanted to speak to him alone before they proceeded into the crucial final battle in order to ensure he was ready for it. While he likely would have gone either way, it always helps to be in the right headspace before entering a battle such as this one.

While reading the dialogue and seeing the picture that Dave drew for this, one cannot help but hear Ahsoka's calm and steady voice reassure Kanan, the unsure Jedi Knight.

In this quiet moment, she is assuring him that despite the fact that his skills have faded over time due to lack of use, he is still ready for this fight. More than that, he is doing everything in view of his student, Ezra Bridger.

Fan reaction

Fan reaction ranged from "OMF" (OH MY FEELS), to "I knew they had to know each other," to a gif from the musical "Grease" of the characters singing "Tell me more, tell me more," and all the emotions in between.

Once again they were stunned and grateful that Dave released this. Unlike last time where they were left with more questions than answers, fans actually received a concrete answer to whether Ahsoka and Kanan knew each other prior to the "Rebels" series.

By way of explanation, before the scene began, Dave said, "...YES. They had met, though they did not know each other well, they had at least done some saber training together." In doing this, he was able to get fans drooling before they read even one word of the actual scene.

Why he chose now, only he and possibly his team know for sure. With San Diego Comic Con in full swing and "Star Wars" not having a panel there this year, one can only assume it's his way of thanking the fans for all their love and support over the years.