Miley Cyrus has transformed completely over the past few months. In the past, the star was known as an unpredictable artist. After her performance at the VMA's in 2013, in which she twerked for the first time, the star admits that the world began to expect this kind of behavior from her. Initially, Cyrus admitted that she liked being able to do whatever she liked but that eventually, she began to feel overly sexualised by her fans and the media. Cyrus made the decision to step away from her wild child image and reinvent herself.

The real reason the star changed

According to News AU, Liam Hemsworth was not behind Miley's latest transformation. The star is known in the media for her wild past in which she did drugs, drank excessive amounts of alcohol and performed in revealing attire. Miley went from being "Hannah Montana" to being a wild child as she broke free of her associations with Disney. However, over the past few months, the star has been cleaning up her act.

Since the release of her new track "Malibu" Cyrus has revealed a new image to the world. She opened up about the decision to change her style and admitted that she no longer felt like an empowered woman. Cyrus claimed that while initially, she had fun being known as a wild and unpredictable character she began to feel overly sexualised.

Cyrus told the public that they should have more interested in the way she was treated on the set of "Hannah Montana". Cyrus stated that she was only 12-years-old when she was put in a wig and a full face of makeup. The way she looked was completely dictated by men and she believes that this had a damaging effect on her perceptions of what it means to be beautiful in the eyes of the world.

Cyrus to be a more serious role model

As of late Cyrus has realized that she has a lot of young fans out there. She takes the responsibility of being a role model very seriously. The star has opened up about this and said that she needed to reign in her behavior as she was being a bad influence on her young fans. Cyrus is excited about her future and has said that she is going to spend her time figuring out the kind of person she wants to be.

Miley appears to have broken free of all expectations and has decided to take her destiny into her own hands. The star has given up drugs and alcohol. This change is reflected in her music, the big reveal coming from the release of her track "Malibu".

The 24-year-old states that she no longer feels any connection to her past self. This year marks the reinvention of Miley Cyrus as an artist.