“Counting On” star Jinger Duggar cannot just stop reminiscing the time Jeremy Vuolo asked her to spend her life with him for better or for worse until death. It happened at the rooftop of a building with one of Jeremy’s friends taking photos of the memorable moment.

Jinger Duggar still reminisces the day Jeremy Vuolo proposed to her

Jinger shared a photo of her husband bent on one knee asking her for a decision of a lifetime as reported by the Inquisitr. The Duggar daughter was surprised at the proposal because she was in New York to meet some of Jeremy’s friends.

Jessa Duggar shared that the proposal was secretly planned.

The proposal happened one month after their courtship started. They met in 2015, started courtship in June 2016, were engaged after one month and were married in November 2016. The fast series of events left Jinger stunned that probably sharing the moment on social media one year after is her way of reminiscing the romantic moment once again.

While Jinger was sharing her photos on social media, her husband was also posting photos of Philadelphia where his relatives reside. No photo was seen with his wife so fans assume that the 23-year-old reality star was left in their new home. He shared two pet dogs whose owners were not known and the Philadelphia City Hall.

The first photos Jinger shared on social media were her wedding and honeymoon photos. The Duggar children are allowed only to have social media accounts when they are married. So it can be noted that Jinger’s account does not have many photos yet. Joy-Anna Duggar’s joint account with her husband Austin Forsyth on Facebook was created right after they were married.

Jim Bob Duggar excited about Jinger Duggar getting pregnant

Meanwhile, Jim Bob Duggar was quoted saying that Jinger and Joy-Anna might have babies coming soon as reported by Christian Post. The Duggar patriarch must be so excited to see more grand kids coming. Michelle Duggar agreed also. The Duggar Family has eight grand kids and the ninth is coming soon from Josh and Anna Duggar.

“Counting On” fans are eagerly waiting for the next pregnancy announcement from either Jinger or Joy-Anna. Jinger’s fans are waiting for a confirmation because Jana Duggar was heard offering help to ready one room in Jeremy and Jinger’s new home – a nursery. The couple bought a four-bedroom, two bathroom home in Laredo, Texas where he is serving as a pastor.