It has only been a few months since Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell passed away. Now, Detroit's WXYZ has an audio copy of the 911 call made by a hotel employee after the singer was found dead in his hotel room. Also recently made public are photos taken by the police from Cornell's hotel room during their investigation.

These photos include some from the bathroom where Cornell died. It can be noted that the singer's cause of death was suicide by hanging. One of the chilling photos shows the red exercise band Chris Cornell used on the bathroom floor, surrounded by a streak of blood (via The Detroit News).

Chris Cornell's suicide and how his body was discovered

Per a police report, Cornell's bodyguard, Martin Kirsten kicked the Mgm Grand hotel door open to find Cornell with the band around his neck. By this time, he was already unresponsive.

The 911 call reveals the MGM Grand employee saying that there is a non-responsive guest in the hotel. The employee further added that the person in need of help is a 50-year-old male.

The dispatcher clarified with the caller if he meant not breathing when he said the hotel guest was unresponsive. The caller confirmed that the man attempted to hang himself and is not breathing.

The guest was also said to be brought down from being hung, to be able to be assisted with CPR. Following that call, the medics who arrived on the scene attempted to save Cornell's life but were too late.

Photos from scene of Chris Cornell's death

According to TMZ, police saw among Cornell's belongings, his prescription drugs, aside from what he used to hang himself to commit suicide. Detroit PD made the photos public and was said to include three prescription bottles, namely: an anti-inflammatory prednisone, an antacid omeprazole, and anti-anxiety medicine lorazepam.

Also in the room was one of Cornell's guitars, which was on a chair, while his sunglasses were on the unmade bed. The coroner ruled Chris Cornell's death a suicide by hanging. The medical examiner resolved that the medications did not in any way, result in his death.

The musician/songwriter had a bout with substance abuse, which started from his teen years.

Although, he had been sober since 2003 but relapsed in 2009, according to his wife. Aside from Soundgarden, Cornell was part of bands Audioslave, Temple of the Dog, and Center for Disease Control Boys

Chris Cornell is survived by his wife Vicky, and their three children: Lily (17, from ex-wife, Susan), Toni (12), and Christopher (11). His remains were cremated in LA last May 26, 2017.

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