Reality TV star Blac Chyna finally commented after her ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian posted expletive-ridden posts and extremely graphic photos on Instagram last week, starting his outburst with a video that allegedly showed Blac kissing another man. In his post, he allegedly accused her of cheating, substance use, and alcohol abuse. Chyna's attorney Lisa Bloom said in an interview that they will request a restraining order against Rob.

Blac felt 'betrayed' by Rob

Together with her attorney Lisa Bloom, Chyna Blac finally expressed her sentiments about the post of her ex-lover. The 29-year old reality star told her side in an interview on the "Good Morning America" show which was aired on Monday.

According to her lawyer, Blac is considering all her legal options against Rob.

Bloom said that they are currently seeking a restraining order against the ex-lover. Chyna Blac said that she is "devastated" and extremely "disappointed" with the post. "How could somebody, like, post these photos and video of me, especially if that person was once close to you'' Chyna said.

According to the actress, she is filing a legal complaint as a matter of respect. "I've shared my thoughts to Rob, you know, about everything. I've talked to him," she said. "The lesson of the story is, like, he doesn't want to respect me, so he should then respect the law."

Blac denies 'she only used Rob to get revenge'

Many speculated that Chyna only approached Rob to get revenge on his family.

She was once friends with the Kardashian's older sister Kim Kardashian West until her ex-boyfriend "Tyga" left her to date the younger sister of Kim, Kylie Jenner.

In an interview with ABC News, Chyna denied all allegations that her relationship with Rob just happened for the sake "revenge." Despite the tangled issues with Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, she still hoped that one of the Kardashians would have approached her after the posts surfaced online.

The mother of the Kardashians, Kris Jenner was asked for any comment, but she refused to reply.

When asked about Rob's allegations of her being a "cheater," she defended herself and said that they had already broken up at the time the video of her "kissing another man" happened. She said that she sent the video to Rob, thinking he would accept their break up and would finally leave her alone.

Although she said she once loved Rob and they share a daughter, Chyna said that they will never again be reunited romantically.

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