Dance Mom’s former coach Abby Lee Miller has started her prison term yesterday. It has been observed that Maddie Ziegler’s terror mentor has started showing good behavior by checking in more than one hour early than her schedule. Miller’s lawyer said the most encouraging words a council can give to his client in prison. Attorney William Price said that Abby has started with the process and she “has now an end in sight.”

Miller's lawyer uttered words of encouragement

True enough a day has been deducted from her 366 days term and before she knows it, her term is through. Reports said that if the ALDC founder behaves well inside, she may be allowed to come out after eight months.

Hearing the word “end” for Miller gives her the strength to face her sentence because every day that passes brings her closer to freedom.

Abby Lee Miller’s schedule was July 12 at 2:00 p.m. but she arrived around noon. According to TMZ, she was quite nervous during the process. A Lifetime cameraman followed her to record her entry into prison. The footage will be featured in the upcoming special news about Miller.

According to Wonderwall, she hired a law enforcer to advise her on what to do inside the prison facility. It includes following orders, submitting to prison authorities to get better work assignments like accounting, cosmetology, or cooking classes.

She was also told to befriend other inmates that admire her for her fame. They can become her protector from bully inmates.

The “Dance Moms” coach said before that she fears being raped or abused inside the prison cell. By hiring a prison expert, she has received first-hand counsel in order to make her incarceration a bit bearable. The thing that Miller needs to endure is her daily portion of food.

Prison life will not hinder Miller from producing shows

Miller’s stint in “Dance Moms was ended after her resignation.

But the reality star informed earlier that she will be busy planning shows. Her short stay inside the prison will be her planning stage wherein she is able to see the future of her shows and her television career more clearly.

Abby Lee Miller was sentenced to one year and one day inside a federal prison facility after she pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

But if she shows good behavior, she might be released after eight months. As her lawyer had said that the end is in sight, she might as well get the best learning experience while inside. She ought to be comforted by the fact that “time flies so fast.”

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