On the "Big Brother" episode that aired on Thursday, July 27, another competitor was evicted. Head Of Household Jessica Graf had assured Ramses Soto that he was a pawn and would not be evicted. Instead, Josh Martinez was her target. She wanted him out of the house, and she was sure others wanted him out of the house as well.

After Ramses was evicted with a vote of 7 to 3, Jessica apologized to him. Even host Julie Chen criticized Jessica for her strategy that failed this week. She had all the power, but she allowed her boyfriend Cody to lead her in the wrong direction even when her gut was telling her otherwise.

She could have used her Power of Veto to get Ramses off the block, but she didn't.

Ramses Soto

Immediately after his eviction, Julie asked Ramses why he didn't campaign for his own safety. Ramses said in essence that he was keeping a low profile and didn't want to make waves with anyone in the house. He said the only person he had bonded with was Jillian who was the second person to be evicted. Now for the rest of the season, Ramses can watch "Big Brother" from his home town in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The 21-year-old student was interviewed when he first went into the house. He described himself as friendly, quirky, and energetic. He said most people begin to like him as soon as they meet him.

His motto is to be spontaneous, take risks, laugh, and respect others.

The cosplay artist gave several fun facts about himself. He said he is Dominican and not black as most people think. He said he just recently came out as gay to his older brother. He further added that he started watching "Big Brother" over two years ago and then he binged watched every season to get some strategies.

He was accepted as a houseguest this season after applying only once.

What now?

Jessica and Cody wanted Josh out of the house in the worse way, and they were shocked that he was not evicted. Josh refers to the showmance as meatballs. They are not too kind to him either. They have argued back and forth all season. Cody and Jessica were sure they would be rid of Josh last night so they could have some peace in the house without him.

When Jessica nominated him for eviction, she told him that he didn't deserve to be in the house. Since Josh is still around, what are planning to do now?

Jessica still has the Halting Hex that allows her to stop an eviction. Julie thought Jessica should not have let the other houseguests know she has it. Some believe she is just bluffing. Paul won the last competition and is Head of Household for the second time this season. As of now, no one is certain what the plan is as far as a new strategy is concerned.