Actor Ben Affleck has stepped up to address rumors about him, claiming that he will be gracefully exiting from his role as “Batman.” It has also been revealed that Justice League has been undergoing several reshoots.

Ben Affleck won't be leaving the DC franchise

The cast and crew of “Justice League” attended the recently held San Diego Comic-Con. Actors Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), and Ray Fisher (Cyborg) participated in the Warner Bros. panel allotted for DC.

A few days ago, The Hollywood Reporter reported that Warner Bros.

was planning to give Affleck a quiet and possible early exit from his role as Batman. It claimed that a source said that Warner Bros. is currently going through the story line of the “Batman” franchise and they’re reportedly eyeing a change in the lead actor shortly.

Shortly after the report from The Hollywood Reporter was out, Affleck immediately shut down the rumors at San Diego Comic-Con. The actor denied any rumors and reports of him leaving the franchise and reiterated that he will still be Batman.

He explained that ever since he stepped down as director of the standalone “Batman” movie, people were quick to assume that he had lost the enthusiasm to play the iconic character. However that wasn’t the case, and in fact, Affleck has pointed out that he was the luckiest man in the world to play the role of Batman since it was the coolest part in any universe.

Affleck was initially set to direct the untitled “Batman” movie, but he had to turn it down even after working on the script because of other commitments. Matt Reeves came on board to replace him, and Affleck was all praises for the new director.

‘Justice League’ is going through a lot of changes

Variety has just revealed that the upcoming DC movie, “Justice League,” is currently going through extensive reshoots and that some of the lead actors are struggling to adjust to the schedules.

Apparently, Warner Bros. is keen to make the upcoming film as successful as “Wonder Woman, ” and they have shelled out a lot of money and time for the reshoots.

According to Variety, several insiders revealed that Warner Bros. has already spent up to $25 million on the reshoots that have taken place in Los Angeles and London for a couple of months.

Joss Whedon just got on board to replace Zack Snyder, and it seems like he’s already doing a lot but insiders claimed Whedon won't be getting credit as co-director.

Whedon took over Snyder as director of “Justice League” to handle the post-productions of the film. Actor Fisher assured fans that the reshoots were brief and that Snyder chose the perfect director to help clean and wrap up the movie. Warner Bros. has scheduled the highly anticipated movie to premiere in the United States on Nov. 17.