“Terminator” star Arnold Schwarzenegger took to Instagram yesterday to wish a very sweet Happy Birthday to none other than Sylvester Stallone. As Sylvester Stallone fans know, the actor turned 71-years-old yesterday. Considering Stallone is a longtime friend to Schwarzenegger, and the two occasionally co-star in an action thriller together, most didn’t find this sweet Instagram happy birthday to be too surprising

Take it easy

In the post on Instagram, Arnold wished Sylvester a very happy birthday. He noted that Stallone deserved as much celebration as possible.

He wrapped up the birthday message with a caption suggesting the two should take things a little easier next year. The sweet and albeit funny caption was accompanied by two pictures showing the actors at different points in their Hollywood career.

Most fans of the all-star actors can only hope the two won't take it too easy as the last thing anyone wants is for the two to dial back on their careers now.

Will be on screen together soon

As those who follow Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone know, the two are slated to co-star in the up and coming “Escape Plan 2.” It was actually earlier this year that the news of the two actors reunited for a sequel of the film broke.

The original “Escape Plan” came out back in 2013. So, those who are fans of the original prison-break film are pretty excited to see a sequel coming out half a decade later.

According to Stallone, those who are looking forward to the film should dial back on anticipating a lot of muscle and brawn to make its way onto the screen.

In fact, Sylvester revealed “Escape Plan 2” is about so much more than explosions and weapons. The characters of Stallone and Schwarzenegger will use their brains as opposed to their brawns.

Sylvester Stallone did reassure his and Arnold’s fans that there would be a fair amount of action in the film – which is something everyone is looking forward to.

But, he noted that the movie was very much an adventure for a thinking man. He claimed it was a chance for him and Arnold to focus a little more on the more mature parts of their acting careers.

Other celebrity birthdays

While it was only Stallone that Arnold wished a happy birthday to, Sylvester was not the only celebrity to celebrate his birthday on July 6. In fact, Kevin Hart, 50 Cent, Eva Green, and Burt Ward also celebrated their birthdays on July 6. Did you know Stallone recently celebrated his birthday? Are you looking forward to “Escape Plan 2?”