21 Savage's hit song 'X' featured on Future is a song many fans are familiar with. The rapper randomly came out of nowhere with his hit song. Now, he's had features with Migos and other music artists. He raps about relationships and street life. Additionally, he raps about issues in his life, but he never mentions a girlfriend.

His songs about relationships are negative and are about breakups. Is he bad when it comes to relationships? Rose is reportedly the first woman he has been spotted getting cozy with in Hollywood. Hopefully, he will make a song about their love affair or friendship.

How long do you think Rose and Savage will remain exclusive?

Are Savage and Rose a thing or friends?

The 21-year-old rapper was originally born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. His birth name is Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. He was raised by his mother, who is of Dominican descent. He has a slow pace that adds a new vibe to the rap industry. Since the early 2000s, he has been striving to make it into the rap industry. He constantly came up with mixtapes and in 2015, one of the mixtapes caught the eyes of rapper Gucci Mane.

He is the third famous rapper Rose has dated publicly. She has previously dated Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and now 21 Savage. They could just be friends hanging out, even though they were both spotted at a strip club.

As soon as their fans found out about this, social media memes immediately were created. People wondered how they started talking or if this just a stunt for their fans.

Rose is just having fun!

The ex-stripper is just trying to have fun. None of them have publicly come out and admitted to any relationship. If this was a real relationship, then one of them would come out and sent us a message.

They look great together, so hopefully, they continue to have a connection. Living life to the fullest is the most important element of life, so good luck to them if they are in some type of relationship. These two could merely be long term friends catching up on old times.

It is even possible that they could have known each other in the past before fame.

No one knows the full details but Savage and Rose. Even if they are dating it should not be our business. They do seem happy together, but here are not any pictures of them kissing or making out with each other in public. All the rumors are speculations until a post or a song or a steamy picture is made public. For now, let’s just enjoy the rumored gossip.