Kate Winslet caught up with Cosmopolitan over the weekend and dished about her new character in “The Mountain between Us,” which also features Idris Elba, Dermot Mulroney, Waleed Zuaiter and Beau Bridges. The actress also revealed whether or not she would work with Leonardo DiCaprio again.

According to Kate, it was harder to film “The Mountain between Us” than her role in “Titanic,” and if plans go well, she would definitely work with DiCaprio in future.

DiCaprio and Kate’s most remembered characters are probably the ones they played in “Titanic.” The British star brought Rose DeWitt to life, and "The Revenant" actor portrayed Jack Dawson.

While working for the award-winning movie, Kate and Leonardo developed a strong friendship that stood the test of time.

Will they be together?

Years later, DiCaprio and Winslet still look for a chance to update each other of how they are working. In fact, the 41-year-old actress told Cosmopolitan that she recently communicated with her longtime fellow. Kate Winslet opened up about asking Leonardo for some advice before she started “The Mountain between Us,” where she was asked to endure the cold weather from shooting on snow-covered mountains.

The actress revealed that DiCaprio warned her about filming in cold weather, and he requested Winslet to take care of her health. Aside from that, Kate regularly updated her fellow with clips and photos of herself on "The Mountain between Us" sets.

“I send him photos of me now and then, and he sends back slightly worried emojis," Winslet told the news outlet.

When asked if she wanted to do another movie with Leonardo, Kate said that she would love to do several movies with him in future. Released in 1997, “Titanic” was written and directed by James Cameron. The love story of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio has left an ever-lasting impression on our minds.

Kate Winslet in her new project

In “The Mountain between Us,” Kate and Idris play strangers who survive a plane crash on a mountain and have to forge a bond to survive the elements.

According to Kate Winslet, it was harder than “Titanic” because she was to shoot at 10,000 feet and the temperature was -36 degrees Celsius.

The actress had “Titanic” flashbacks during the shooting, and it was one of the most difficult tasks of her life. When Cosmopolitan asked if she would like to compare her performance in "The Mountain between Us" to DiCaprio’s work in "The Revenant," the British actress said that it’s not possible to compare her experience with her fellow’s scenes in the 2015 thriller.