Kim Kardashian had always been vocal about having a third child with her husband Kanye West. The high-profile celebrity couple currently has two children, their 4-year old daughter, North West, and their 18-month old son, Saint West. According to sources close to the couple, Kim has apparently now hired a Surrogate Mother to carry their new child. The decision was apparently brought about by her doctor's advice regarding not risking her life given the number of complications she had to go through with her two previous births.

Done deal

According to a recent report from E! News, the couple has reportedly already picked out a surrogate for their next baby after a lengthy selection process to find the 'perfect' one.

The couple has apparently already agreed to pay the currently unidentified surrogate somewhere around $113,000 for her efforts. It is not yet known if the surrogate is already pregnant with their baby or when exactly she will be impregnated. However, sources have revealed that Kim and Kanye are already very excited to have another addition to their family, which means that they will likely want the surrogate to become pregnant with a healthy baby as soon as possible.

Medical problems

The reality television star had previously shared on social media and on her show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" her struggles with her past pregnancies. Her pregnancy with North in 2013 apparently didn't go that smoothly, which was also the same for her pregnancy with Saint in 2015.

The television show even featured her various visits to doctors before and after her two pregnancies including her biggest scare brought about by the diagnosis of a possibly life-threatening condition called Placenta Accreta.

Turning point

In an April episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim even explained that she never considered surrogacy as a "realistic option," and always felt like she would only go through it if she had no other choice.

However, doctors have apparently now advised her to accept surrogacy as her only option as it will likely be too risky for her to get pregnant again. In another episode, the 36-year old socialite revealed to the public that the recent experience she had in Paris, where she was robbed at gunpoint, was the turning point that made her decide that she wanted another baby.

Having her life threatened like that apparently made the decision easy for her as she wanted her kids to have a "support system" at home if ever something does happen to her.

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