Spider-Man: Homecoming” is set to play in theaters on July 7 and a special viral video was filmed to promote the upcoming movie. It features Tom Holland’s teenage stunt double, Chris Silcox, in full Spider-Man gear, dropping down from the ceiling of a starbucks to grab a latte. Some unsuspecting customers got a fright, while others really appreciated the stunt.

Searching for just the right Starbucks

As reported by Mashable, Sony commissioned the promotional video, while it was filmed by Thinkmodo, the viral video guys behind “Traffic cop lifts taxi cab” and “Devil baby.” It wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

To get the full Spider-Man and web effect, producers first had to find a Starbucks with extra high ceilings. It had to look good, so they then built a false ceiling that perfectly matched the original, including carefully lining up the wood paneling. Thinkmodo then set up a rig to support Spider-Man, including very strong Kevlar cable, attached to a special pulley system, allowing Silcox’s web-slinging movements to be perfectly smooth.

Real customers react to Spider-Man dropping from the ceiling

Once everything was in place, cameras were set up to capture real customers’ reactions as they queue for their coffee.

Everything seems normal as the Starbucks barista calls out customer’s names to deliver their drinks until the name called out is Spider-Man. Then all hell is let loose as Spider-Man swoops down from the ceiling via an air conditioning vent above the counter to grab his coffee (while hanging upside down) and then disappears up again into the ceiling.

The final video took two days to shoot and stars genuine Starbucks baristas and their real, everyday customers. As noted by Comicbook, the best thing about the video is people’s genuine, varied and funny reactions as he drops into view.

There’s nothing like an extra jolt to wake up a person in the morning, along with their coffee. Watch out along the way for one special cameo performed by someone who really knows the Spider-Man lore.

A different project for Thinkmodo

The viral video was something a little different to Thinkmodo’s usual work, especially as Starbucks isn’t one of their clients – but probably appreciates the advertising along the way. Referring to the coffee giant’s custom of taking client’s names and writing them on the cups, James Percelay of Thinkmodo said they took a convention created by a brand (Starbucks) and put it into the script. Percelay said the video was made following a “creative agreement” between Sony and Starbucks.

Readers can watch the fun, and the customers’ reactions, in the video included below.

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