Netflix's original series "Sense8" was canceled due to the claim that there just wasn't that much of a demand for a third season. Fans have proven that to be untrue as they complained so much to the popular movie streaming company, that Netflix has agreed to give the fans a two-hour long series finale.

Fans harass Netflix for the continuation of one of their popular original series, 'Sense8'

As soon as fans heard that "Sense8" was being canceled, they started writing to and calling Netflix representatives as fast as they could.

Employees from the popular company have said that they have never received so many complaints before about a TV show being canceled.

Fans were mainly upset with the fact that the show was being left on a huge cliffhanger. So it was decided that they would indeed give the fans closure and release a series finale next year in 2018. So, unfortunately, there is not going to be a third season.

Another reasoning for the fans outrage on this was the fact that Sense8, a show with much LGBTQ+ representation was canceled, yet a show like "13 Reasons Why" was given a second season when all it does is glorify mental illnesses.

Although fans have been given this generous series finale, it would not be surprising to see still them fight for the continuation of the popular Netflix TV series.

Why is 'Sense8' so important to the LGBTQ+ community?

There aren't many shows out there with LGBTQ+ representation. And the shows where there are some, the characters are either killed off, or they have a minimal role.

It is very important to have representation in all areas of humanity and not just to have straight, white, people all the time.

Sense8 had the most representation out of any Netflix original series, alongside "The Get Down" which has also been canceled despite its popularity.

This has been a growing theme. Networks canceling shows with LGBTQ+ representation or with people of color. Or they just kill off the characters. People are honestly getting tired of it.

We also saw a similar thing where popular websites like Youtube and Tumblr have now censored all of the LGBTQ+ content on their websites. This includes even the same-sex family vloggers. They have marked it all as "inappropriate." Obviously, it is not so.

In doing all of this, it just validates the people who believe that homosexuals and/or transgenders are "perverts" or "unnatural," etc. Instead, these companies who have the chance to make a difference in society need to retake a look at their choices and priorities. Nothing is going to change if we listen to the voice of the oppressor, instead of the voices of the oppressed.

If you want to see "Sense8" come back for a third season, feel free to contact Netflix as they are taking all complaints into consideration. And if you would like to be an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, please contact Youtube and Tumblr to tell them that you do not approve of their censorship. The more voices, the better!