Gotham city was alive in Los Angeles on Thursday night, June 15, as the bat-signal was lit at City Hall to honor the late Batman actor, Adam West. Seeing the bat-signal on the show meant that the Gotham City Police Department needed the help of the superhero.

Los Angeles turns into Gotham City

Many Batman fans gathered, with some even in costume to witness the bat-signal in LA. The Batman symbol emblazoned city hall's wall with the infamous yellow oval with a bat silhouette.

West, who was cast as the Caped Crusader in the 60s TV series, passed away due to leukemia last week at the age of 88.

Garcetti added that West had a heart of gold and that there will never be another Batman like him - as he is sure, that "there will never be another Adam West." The mayor even playfully led the crowd to sing the show's theme song, singing to "nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah, nah-nah."

Present at the event was West's wife and children. Burt Ward, who played Batman's sidekick, Robin, called the actor a "family man." Ward added that West loved his fans, as well as he loved humanity.

Before the ceremonial lighting of the bat-signal, attendees lined up to take photos with two red-and-black, Batmobiles on the sidewalk. Some fans were in Batman masks and others wore capes, as well as T-shirts and hats with the Batman TV logo.

Adam West memorial fund

Meanwhile, the West family encouraged fans who were not able to attend the ceremony to make a donation to either the Adam West memorial fund for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital or Camp Rainbow Gold. The St. Jude memorial fund in honor of Adam West has already raised a total $6,568 as of writing.

St. Jude was chosen, as West has served as a childhood hero to many.

Per a statement from West's family on the beneficiary's site, it said that the actor saw his role as Batman, as not about being the Dark Knight but as a character who wanted to make a positive influence on other people's lives. The West family hopes that Adam's bright light can go on shining, particularly on the lives of children by his fans' and supporters' donations to the fund.

Did you know Adam West?

For those who did not know, William West Anderson in Walla Walla, Washington. He had a literature and psychology from Whitman College.

Before he became the Dark Knight, West was a radio DJ. This led to him developing that remarkable voice that he used for his Batman role. The show was from the popular comics and brought to life by ABC, starring West as Batman and Ward as his partner.