Taylor Swift continues to succeed in her career in the music industry. New reports are now making the rounds that she received almost $400,000 in the paycheck for a week of streaming her music.

According to a new report from E! Online, the singer and songwriter are enjoying the results of streaming her music catalog on different streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and Amazon Music. The publication stated that there is a high number of percent jump in streams compared to when her catalog was just streaming on Apple Music.

Taylor Swift gets almost $400,000 paycheck for one week only

The outlet also revealed that there was a whopping 551 percent jump in the number of streams means money for Taylor Swift. As per the reports, Billboard estimated that Swift garnered almost $397,000 in revenue from the massive streaming surge last week from Spotify only.

Reports claimed that more and more people are paying for the premium version of Spotify. Perhaps, the music company is generating much more revenue and that more people would love to listen to their paid music compared to the free songs.

Swift's five music albums were not available for streaming on Spotify and other streaming services since 2014 except for Apple Music.

Today, all of her songs are available in almost all of the streaming websites and apps.

Swift celebrates Father's Day with Joe Alwyn's dad in London

On the other hand, The Sun revealed that Swift has been spending more time with her boyfriend, Joe Alwyn and his parents in London. The "Blank Space" singer reportedly went to London last week to spend quality time with Alwyn and his family.

“Taylor and Joe flew into London on Friday afternoon so they could spend Father’s Day with his dad and picked the most inconspicuous car they could get their hands on to avoid being noticed — a Fiat 500," an insider claimed.

After they spend some time together during the weekend, the "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" singer offered to host the Father's Day celebration at her home.

Alwyn's parent even reportedly treated Swift to a roast to show her how they do it in Great Britain.

Reports claimed that Taylor Swift is very happy with the status of her relationship with Joe Alwyn. Her family and friends including Selena Gomez are reportedly glad that she has finally found someone to love again. Fans are hoping that Swift will become more open about her relationship with him to the public.