"Spider-Man: Homecoming" has continued to dominate the social media in the weeks leading up to its release. Fans are dying to see how the new Jon Watt directed Spider-Man will play out. Marvel has established itself as the king of the box office in the past few years, and this marks the first collaboration between Disney's Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Tom Holland's Spider-Man, who first appeared in the Captain America: Civil War, won hearts with his performance as the lovable web slinger, and if the reviews of the critics and early audience reactions are any thing to go by, this may just be the best Spider-Man Film there is.

What the critics say

Vanity Fair claimed that the movie left them wanting more, with reviewer Richard Lawson claiming that "The film’s greatest feat (is that) ... it manages to stoke a craving for more Spider-Man movies, which shouldn’t really be possible at this point."

IGN's Jim Vejvoda summarized "Spider-Man: Homecoming, the web-slinger’s first solo movie under the Marvel Studios umbrella (but produced in conjunction with distributor Sony Pictures), is a sweet, witty, briskly paced romp that captures everything that has made Peter Parker and his costumed alter ego such a lovable and enduring character for over half a century." The gaming website gave the film 8.7 out of 10.

Rolling Stone's Peter Travers called it "a much-needed antidote to stale franchise formula" giving it 3/5 stars.

And although Variety and Hollywood Reporter gave less positive reviews than the others, both were impressed with the film. Variety's Owen Gleiberman stated that "the movie is just distinctive enough, in concept and execution, to connect and become a sizable hit" and Hollywood Reporter's Jim DeFore calling it "occasionally exciting".

As of this moment Rotten Tomatoes has given Spider-man Homecoming a score of 93% based on 58 reviews.

Metacritic too has indicated that movie has received generally favorable reviews.

Will it beat Wonder Woman?

The big question is whether Spider-Man can defeat the hero(ine) of the summer Wonder Woman. Although the Wonder Woman film was led by a credible director, its DCEU setting had many convinced that it would not manage to get good reviews. Instead, the movie has been the most well-received film in the past eight years (only The Dark Knight had better reviews).

It is clear that the film has broken the glass ceiling, especially in terms of its domestic box office performance where it's doing better than expected and has more legs than any Marvel or DC movie in the last few years. Despite the critics and America seem to be favoring Wonder Woman, there is a chance that Spider-Man's young male lead too may bring in more viewers than the Amazon warrior princess did (especially since #WonderWoman has been banned in a few countries due to tension with the lead actresses Gal Gadot's place of birth, Israel). Only time will tell whether Spider-Man will end up being the winner. The film stars Tom Holland, Micheal Keaton, Robert Downey Jr, Jon Favreau and Zendaya among others. The movie will be released on July 7.

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