Niantic continues to make interesting changes to the "Pokemon Go" app. While it is true that the Augmented Reality Game was losing some popularity, the latest updates made to the app in recent days have returned the game to its highest level. A sign that "Pokemon Go" has regained its popularity is the celebration of its first Anniversary, which will be held in July with different events. As usual, it is very likely that a global event, in line with the anniversary, will be announced with some peculiar characteristics as the increase of some candy, experience points, the possible appearance of Legendary Pokemon, and some discounts at the "Pokemon Go" stores.

It is expected that some Shiny Eggs would appear and that there will be Legendary Pokemon coming out. It is very likely that Niantic comes out with a great surprise like this to finish with the waves of rumors about the highly anticipated legendary creatures and its long-awaited Release Date.

It is worth mentioning that these Pokemon are the favorites for “Pokemon Go” fans worldwide. Next, will we share with you, new interesting details about the recent “Pokemon Go” updates and what we can expect from the next Anniversary of the Augmented Reality game.

Some surprises we could see in Pokemon Go's Anniversary

According to the latest announcements revealed by Niantic as well as the recent rumors emerging in the social networks, we may see many surprises in Pokemon Go’s Anniversary to be held in this coming month.

The first event in the upcoming Anniversary of the Augmented Reality game was announced for July 22nd, in a special place in Chicago. According to the information revealed by Niantic’s developers, this will be the first event to be celebrated. New data revealed points out that some Legendary Pokemon will be introduced in the game.

It is worth mentioning that later, it is expected that new rare Pokemon, as well as new interesting items, would be appearing in the game.

For now, Niantic has not given many details related to these events, however, it is very likely that we will see one or two events before the Anniversary.

Additional information:

It is very likely that the European Continent will soon benefit from these "real world" activities. These tickets will have costs that vary depending on the location of the event.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the game, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.

Watch the video below for more information:

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