In a shocking Instagram post, it has been revealed that one of the Gallagher kids might not return in "Shameless" Season 8. Brenden and Brandon Sims, who play Liam, are out of the show as revealed by the Instagram post in their account that their mother maintains.

No Liam this season?

"Thank you guys for everything. The boys will miss you all. Wish everyone great success for season 8," the post said, along with a photo of the cast. The update generated hundreds of comments from fans who expressed their sadness at the possibility of not seeing the twins as Liam anymore.

However, it is not clear whether the character that the Sims twins are playing would not be seen in the upcoming season. It is possible that they were done filming their parts since the production began last month, and the show would make a time jump that would require an older Liam, as reported by Hidden Remote.

There was a previous post with the twins reading their lines for the show, and their mother did confirm in the comments section that there is going to be a new Liam in "Shameless" Season 8. It is yet to be revealed who would replace the twins as Liam.

Shiela returns on 'Shameless'?

Meanwhile, in another casting news, a photo of script reading for the new season of "Shameless," has caused confusion among fans.

The image shows names of those who are present in the reading session, and one name reads "Shiela Callaghan." Some fans thought it might be Shiela Jackson, per The Inquisitr.

As it turned out, Shiela Callaghan is a writer and producer for "Shameless." The star who played Shiela Jackson was Joan Cusack, who left after Season 5.

Season 8 could be the last

There had been reports that "Shameless" Season 8 will be the farewell season of the finale. There is no confirmation yet on that, but if it is up for William H. Macy, who plays Frank Gallagher, the show could run for four more seasons. He shared with Deadline that he is not yet tired of playing the role of Frank.

He praised the writers for doing a great job, making his character do outrageous things and putting some moment of humanity in him from time to time.

"Shameless" follows the wild and dysfunctional family, headed by the single father Frank who has an unusual parenting style. He has six children—Fiona, Carl, Lip, Ian, Debbie, and Liam.

No official release date have been announced yet for the new season, but it is expected that it would hit the screens in October.