"Killjoys" is a science fiction space adventure series created by Michelle Lovretta. Season one was released in 2015 and followed up by a season two in 2016. Surrounding the adventures of Bounty Hunters Dutch, John and D'avin the show quickly rose to popularity. With just the right amount of action and wit "Killjoys" is an excellent watch returning this summer!

Season 3 trailer dropped and things looks bigger and badder than before!

The trailer for "Killjoys" season three was released within the past few days and reveals that this season will be bigger and badder than before.

With comedic elements, the usual fight scenes and a couple of explosions it is clear that fans will delight over the third season. The mystery of Dutch's doppelganger is set to continue as well as the current declining state of the RAC.

With some flash appearances of new characters, one can assume some new baddies will be introduced throughout season three. One question the trailer brings is who are the gang talking to when they refer to needing their help to save the world? Is a new character set to join the bounty hunter gang?

What to expect in season 3 of 'Killjoys'

"Killjoys" will be returning with the gang dealing with the consequences of season two. As agents of the RAC (Reclamation Apprehension Coalition) Dutch and the Jaqobis brothers are left reeling from the death of Pawter, the plans of the Nine and the corruption within the Quad.

The series third season is one in which the bounty hunter trio will have to put their difference aside and truly come together to save the J-Star Cluster. The J-Star Cluster contains several inhabited planets and moons and this threat looming over it will be the center of season 3.

Dutch and her comrades will have to try to locate the source of corruption in the Quad, while also assembling an army.

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This preparation for battle will be an exciting new element to the third season and will no doubt lead to some tragic story lines. With the character of Dutch at the helm, it will be interesting to see how far the ruthless bounty hunter will go to protect her way of life. One has to wonder if she will lose herself in the oncoming battles and revert back to her ways at the hands of Khlyen.

Season three of "Killjoys" is set to return to screens this July. With a great cast, great chemistry, and great action the upcoming season of "Killjoys" is destined to set the bar for the series so far!