"Pretty Little Liars" fans were in real treat after the show aired one of its most romantic episodes in seven years. In fact, avid followers of the long-running mystery drama can look forward to a happy ending for this couple before the show formally concludes on June 27. (Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk)

'Till death do us part'

The June 6 episode of "Pretty Little Liars" Season 7B was a moment of truth for two of our most favorite characters from the series. We're talking about Caleb and Hanna, who are now ready to take a big step in their relationship.

In the said episode, entitled "Driving Miss Crazy," Tyler Blackburn and Ashley Benson's characters have finally decided to spend the rest of their lives together.

Caleb, in fact, had a heart-to-heart talk with Hanna's mother in a previous episode where he explained his intention to marry her daughter. "I can't imagine a life without Hanna," he told Ashley Marin. "I don't want to. I want to marry your daughter." (Isn't that the sweetest thing a guy could say?)

Blackburn's character is finally making his promise come true after Hanna asked him if he was serious about settling down with her. Without any trace of hesitation, Caleb said yes and got the same answer from his now-fiancé. What made the moment more special and nostalgic was the fact that it happened inside a tent.

Yes, their engagement took place in a tent where they had their first date.

What to expect in 'Pretty Little Liars' finale?

In a previous interview, Benson played it coy when she was asked about the ending of Hanna's journey in the teen drama. Although she refused to give details about the finale, the actress assured fans would be delighted with how things will go before the series wraps up.

Benson added viewers would surely like how "Pretty Little Liars" will close Hanna's book. Now we know that she was referring to her marriage with Caleb. Aside from the upcoming wedding, avid followers of the mystery thriller can also expect the much-awaited revelation of A's identity.

She even asked the viewers to "pay a lot of attention to specific details, little details and scenes with every character." Benson added they would eventually find out the who A is if they will analyze the analyze the three remaining episodes.

Similarly, the actress admitted she was also surprised when she figured out the real identity of A.D. while filming the remainders of the series.

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