With "Pretty Little Liars" down to its final two episodes, loyal followers of the long-running TV series are already wondering if the production team is planning another spin-off after "Ravenswood" failed to bring in enough viewers to secure a second season. (Warning: Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk.)

What to expect in the 'Pretty Little Liars' finale?

The drama's latest episode, titled "Choose or Loose," was packed with surprises and heart fluttering moments between our favorite on-screen couples. Caleb and Hanna tying the knot at a courthouse, Emily and Alison making out on the couch, Toby asking Spencer to move in with him, and Aria's intimate night with Ezra enticed viewers.

Everyone was having the time of their lives until Tanner came into the picture to investigate the murder of Archer Dunhill.

Aria also revealed the reason why she joined A.D.'s team after Mona outed her dark side to the liars. Lucy Hale's character said she only intends to protect Ezra by becoming a member of the group. Also, the June 13 episode of "Pretty Little Liars" has finally revealed the location of Archer's dead body. Apparently, it has been lying inside the trunk of Aria's car. Now that's a big shocker before the seventh and final season wraps up on June 27. But what can we look forward to on the remaining shows? Apparently, we can look forward to two more weddings besides Caleb and Hanna's private wedding. "Pretty Little Liars" boss Marlene King refused to name the couples but hinted that the next bride could be wearing a bridesmaid's dress.

Who could that be? That's something to watch out for in the final episode of the mystery series.

Can we expect another spin-off?

The teen drama has been on the air since June 2010. In fact, it has released more than 150 episodes in the past seven years, with one spin-off and another one in the making. Well, it is "definitely a possibility" that the popular show will get another reboot after the one-year run of "Ravenswood."

Marlene King personally said she is willing to work on a reboot to continue the stories of some of the characters.

The EP added that the idea of producing a second spin-off has been making rounds, but clarified that nothing is confirmed at this moment.

If all goes well, a "Pretty Little Liars" spin-off could be happening with Marlene King promising to bring back some of our favorite characters from the show to explore their character arcs.

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