Hey, "The Bachelorette" fans. We've got some great news. Reality Steve finally revealed the week-by-week spoilers for the show. Today, we're going to go over what's going to take place in episode 4. It sounds pretty interesting, as one of the guys gets sent home early after a presumably unsuccessful one-on-one date. The guys are going to show off their spelling skills, and more.

Ride a Goodyear Blimp

In episode 4, Rachel and the fellas are going to take all their drama to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Before everything is said and done, she's going to narrow her field of men down to just 12 from 15.

They're going to start things off by showing us a one-on-one date. Dean Unglert will be the lucky guy that gets selected for this one.

During the first half of their date, they're going to ride a Goodyear blimp. For the second half, they're going to attend a concert with Russell Dickerson. Steve also mentioned that their Goodyear Blimp flew over the city with a marquee that said, "Rachel and Dean are on here.” It also had a cute little emoji heart. During the concert, Russell Dickerson sang a couple of cover songs for the audience. Rachel and Dean get to go on stage at some point. He didn't mention how long they got to stay up there, though.

Spelling bee

Next, we're told that Rachel takes Jonathan, Alex, Peter, Will, Bryan, Eric, Josiah, Kenny, Lee, Iggy, Adam, Anthony, and Matt on a group date.

During the date, they get to party on a boat and they also participate in a spelling bee at some point. Apparently, Josiah's spelling skills were up to par as he was the one who won it. It was not indicated who received the group date rose so we'll just have to wait for the show to air to find out that information.

After that big group date, Rachel takes Jack Stone on a one-on-one date.

They ended up going Shucking and Shagging. I'm not sure what that is. Whatever it is, it apparently didn't work out too well, as Steve revealed that poor Jack failed to get a rose from Rachel and was sent packing.

A nightmare for Jonathan and Iggy

Lastly, Steve revealed how the rose ceremony plays out. It turns out to be a nightmare for Jonathan Treece and Iggy Rodriguez as they don't make the cut and are sent to join Jack Stone, who got booted during his one-on-date.

ABC also put out a press release synopsis for this episode via TV Guide. It pretty much echoes what Steve said. However, they said that Dean has a fear of heights so that Goodyear Blimp ride is probably going to give him a couple of problems.

Not until June 19th

As a final note, please be advised that this episode is not going to air next Monday due to ABC's coverage of the huge 2017 NBA Finals. Instead, you can expect to see episode 5 air on Monday night, June 19, 2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.