If you want to learn how to do something, ask someone who's already doing it. If you want to lose weight, ask a formerly obese person. That's what bariatric surgery patients Christina Phillips and Bettiejo Elmore from "My 600-lb Life" hope folks will do. They are offering a series of paid talks on how to lose weight with gastric bypass surgery. Where can you meet these reality TV stars, how much are tickets, and what type of weight-loss advice do you get?

Bettiejo Elmore speaks about her weight-loss journey

After her bariatric surgery, the former 600-plus pound woman has shed 200 pounds. Clearly, morbid obesity is still a problem for the "My 600-lb Life" participant, but she believes that the story of her weight-loss so far has stand-alone merit and is worth paying money to hear.

Some YouTube and social media hecklers disagree, saying that at roughly 400 pounds, Bettiejo Elmore has no room to talk weight-loss, let alone charge for it. Naysayers also disparage her diet tips because the reality TV star underwent gastric bypass surgery and didn't lose weight the "old-fashioned" way. Still, many more fans, including TLC problem child Steven Assanti, support the new mom.

Bettiejo Elmore goes on tour

On Facebook, the "My 600-lb Life" star announced upcoming "Meet-n-Greet with Bettiejo Elmore" events. The 4-state, 5-city tour begins in August in St. Louis, Missouri, heads to Chicago, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, and finishes in Lorain, Ohio. The format for the events will include a meet and greet to take pictures with and meet Elmore, followed by a Q&A period.

This basic package costs $25. If you want to stay for dinner it's $35. If you want a small group activity session it's an extra $15. $75 gets you everything plus one-on-one time with Bettiejo. If you can't afford her fees, you can apply for free tickets if you prove low income. All you need to give is a $10-$15 donation to cover dinner. Evidentally, Dr.

Nowzaradan has approved of her going public. TLC forbids spoilers before the reality TV update episode.

Would you pay to meet 'My 600-lb Life' stars?

Bettiejo Elmore is undertaking an ambitious project with her meet-n-greet. She has been met with some fat-shaming and bullying already and may open herself up to more criticism, but the events should be successful if folks feel they received value for their money.

If the talks center on personal narrative alone, people may feel unsatisfied. If it's just diet recipes, those are available anywhere and everywhere online. So, would you pay to meet someone from "My 600-lb Life"? Which of the show's Celebrities would you like to meet?

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