Miley Cyrus first caught the world's attention playing Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel during the years 2006 to 2011. As the series ended the singer wanted to rid herself of her Disney branding. She adopted a fierce new image and became unrecognizable to former fans. Now in 2017 Cyrus has reverted to her country image in what is another shocking transformation.

Cyrus' wild transformation as she broke from her Disney roots

Miley Cyrus wanted her music to reach a wider audience and to be recognized as a serious artist. She is among a handful of former Disney actors who have taken to the stage.

Her former success helped her gain ground in the industry but back in 2013 she was ready to take her career a step further.

Cyrus shocked the world with her transformation back in 2013 and as the years rolled by the singer continued to thrive in her new persona. She became known for wild, crazy and sometimes explicit performances. Her character as a role model was criticized by The Telegraph as she wore flesh-baring outfits, smoked weed and partied hard. However, Cyrus believed these steps were necessary in breaking from her Disney image and she certainly achieved what she set out to do.

The release of new song 'Malibu' highlighted the singers new style

Cyrus released her new song "Malibu" on May 11 and the response was overwhelming.

The singer showcased both her new sound and her simple style in her music video. Her image is more natural than the one she donned over the past few years. With a light dusting of make-up and simple white clothing, the singer shows a simplicity her fans have not seen for some time.

"Malibu" has a solid beat accompanied by catchy rhythmic tones.

It is completely different from her previous style of music. "Malibu" appears to be an ode to Cyrus' present life as she compares it to the past. This song is dedicated to her fiancé Liam Hemsworth who she reunited with in 2016. Cyrus opened up about the couples split stating that back during her 2013 transformation she realized it was a journey she needed to make on her own.

Cyrus explained how difficult it is to transform into a different version of yourself when you are dating someone.

Cyrus affirms the idea she is in a new period of her evolution as an artist. She admitted this time she wants to be clean and sharp and as such revealed that she is no longer drinking or doing drugs. The singer admits to wanting to have a clear vision of where she wants to take her career. It will be exciting to see which direction the artist takes next!

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