Sometimes love is just not enough. That’s why Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez, who tied the knot as strangers in “Married At First Sight,” have filed for a divorce despite saying that they do love each other.

Moving in different directions

About 14 months into their marriage, Tom and Lillian decided to get a divorce. They were not that specific as to what was the turning point that led to their decision to separate ways, only that one of them does not seem to be ready to commit a lifetime with his or her spouse. Their joint statement said that they spent much time thinking and reflecting about this route and requested that people respect their privacy in arriving at such decision.

Without the paper legally binding them, the “Married at First Sight” couple said they would remain best of friends and continue to grow in that relationship. They also said that they love each other very much and will always be there for each other.

A source close to Tom, 29, and Lillian, 25, told People that the two tried to make their marriage work, but they are only a perfect match in the eyes of the experts. After spending over a year together, they realized that they are moving in different directions

Who’s not ready?

When Lillian posted their joint statement on her Instagram, she also added her own thoughts about the divorce decision. She wrote, “Someone can be madly in love with you and still not be ready.”

Was she referring to Tom not being ready to commit his life to her?

It is possible. Back in the finale of the previous season on “Married at First Sight,” Lillian gave Tom a gift that symbolizes she’s giving him her heart and that she wants to fully commit to their marriage. Tom, on one hand, seemed to be leaning more towards the divorce than staying and gave his wife a clock. It symbolizes time, which can be interpreted as Tom wanting to take more time to know his wife deeper.

That time, they both decided they want to work on their marriage. But things might not have turned out to be what they wanted, so they are finally getting a divorce.

Several other favorite MAFS couples are already divorced, including Monet Bell & Vaughn Copland, Jaclyn Methuen & Ryan Ranellone, Davina Kullar & Sean VArricchio, and Ryan De Nino & Jessica Castro.

Lillian is a real estate agent while Tom is a yacht interior specialist. They were matched by experts as part of the social experiment show, “Married at First Sight.”

"Married at First Sight" Season 5 airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.