"Beauty and the Beast" and "Murder on the Orient Express" star Josh Gad has been playing with our comic nerd hearts. The 36-year old, who is also known for his role as Olaf in Disney's "Frozen," recently hinted at his desire to play Penguin in the Dc Extended Universe.

He took to Twitter to share a photo of Oswald Cobblepot A.K.A. DC's Penguin but clarified that he was merely playing around with the idea of playing the character. It seems that his thoughts about playing the iconic character were heard over at DC, as he recently paid them a visit. In fact, the actor again took to Twitter to share a snapshot of him at their offices.

Actor photographed with DC Films president, the producer

In a photo posted by Josh Gad, he's seen together with DC Films President Geoff Johns and "Justice League" producer Jon Berg, who's also on board as an executive producer for "Aquaman" (2018) and producer for "The Flash" (2020). Berg is also set to produce "Gotham City Sirens" and "Batgirl," and serves as executive producer in "Wonder Woman."

Gad's meeting with the pair further fuels speculation about a possible Penguin role for the actor, as his photo shows him holding "Batman Adventures Vol. 1," which has Penguin on its cover. Some have begun to speculate that Penguin will be in the upcoming DC Extended Universe films and even in "The Batman," which has undergone so many changes so early in its development phase.

How serious are Josh Gad and DC in portraying Penguin?

It isn't new for Hollywood actor and actresses to campaign for roles. In fact, "Jane the Virgin" star Gina Rodriguez and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actress Stephanie Beatriz recently voiced out their desires to play another superhero, in the form of Marvel's America Chavez.

Of course, there are no plans at the moment to put America Chavez on the big or small screens, but it would be good to know that A-listers are interested in playing that character. Comic Book reported that Gad's previous statement to MTV said, "There’s no there there...I’m just having some fun putting things out there."

Meanwhile, Josh Gad is busy promoting his new film, "Murder on the Orient Express," which trailer just recently dropped.

The Kenneth Branagh-directed film also features big Hollywood names, including Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe, Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench, and "Hamiton" actor, Leslie Odom Jr. The upcoming film is set to arrive in theaters this November 10.

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