Johnny Depp is well known for his humor in the film series "Pirates of the Caribbean," it appears that the actor is funny off screen as well. Recently, Depp made an appearance in England to introduce the screening of his 2004 film "The Libertine." At the gathering, he began talking about President Donald Trump where he joked about assassinating him.

At the drive-in movie theater in Glastonbury, Depp touched upon the president stating that he needs help and there is a lot of dark places that he could go too. Probably to get the attention of the audience he started to discuss previous assassinations of presidents.

Depp was referring to John Wilkes Booth, the actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln back in 1865.

Johnny Depp says he lies for a living

Further engaging with the audience, Johnny Depp stated that he needs to explain that he is not an actor. He went on by saying he lies for a living and it has been a long time since he has done it and probably it was the right time for him to do so. Depp asked the audience if they knew when was the last time an actor assassinated a President. He even asked them if they could bring President Donald Trump to the gathering.

Can you bring Donald Trump here? Depp asked. The crowd reacted by jeering and later realized that he was just joking. Jhonny Depp attended the Glastonbury Arts Festival in England where the screening of his film took place.

In the film, Depp plays the role of a poet John Wilmot who is a womanizer and the second Earl of Rochester.

Watch the video:

Johnny Depp is not the only celebrity to make these statements

It turns out that Jhonny Depp is not the only celebrity to make comments like this towards Donald Trump. Previously, many other celebrities have also made allusions by addressing the President.

However, Johnny Depp's comments brought criticisms as it was described to be particularly offensive and vulnerable given their timing.

Some people took to social media addressing the Secret Service to please do something since they have evidence of Depp threatening to assassinate Donald Trump. Some of the other supporters recommended to blacklist Jhonny Depp's films.

As for the "Pirates of the Caribbean" star, he knew that it was going to be in the press and he mentioned that he was not insulting anything. Johnny Depp must have had the notion just to say something for fun, but he never anticipated it would turn out the other way.

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