"Bachelor in Paradise" contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson have put the future of the entire show on the line after their alleged misconduct while filming their first night in Mexico. It was reported that two were having a nice chat in the swimming pool after drinking when the situation got out of hand. Unfortunately, their behavior did not please one of the producers, who felt "uncomfortable" with the pair's intimacy on the set.

On Sunday, the reality competition announced they will delay the filming of the upcoming season to investigate the controversy.

"Bachelor in Paradise" Season 4 was supposed to start airing on August 8, but after Corinne and DeMario's scandal, nothing has been confirmed about the future of the show.

What really happened that night?

Sources from both parties have spoken up to explain the two sides of the story. An affiliate of DeMario said he remembers everything that happened between them, which he said involved "rubbing, touching, and fingering" while the cameras were on the roll. Corinne, on the other hand, admitted she can barely recall what happened that night.

Admitting that both of them were drunk during the incident, the former "Bachelor" contestant is reportedly blaming the producers for letting them do what they were not supposed to do.

Some production members, however, revealed that Corinne seemed like she was "fully engaged" in the sexual act.

An insider also explained that "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants have the free will to drink whenever and wherever they feel like it. "Anything you could want, as much as you want and it's likely that no one's going to tell you to stop.

You're responsible for yourself," the source told ET.

Despite this practice, in some cases, producers would step in if they ever feel like a line has been crossed.

What's next for 'Bachelor in Paradise?'

The fact that Corinne and DeMario's scandal has postponed the filming of the fourth season means that followers of the "Bachelor" franchise could not help but wonder if the suspension will eventually lead to the cancellation of the spin-off.

On Monday, Chris Harrison has released a statement regarding the issue and how it can affect the entire show. He said Warner Bros is leading the investigation of the controversy and has promised to take necessary action to address the alleged misconduct.

Although he is unsure of what the future holds for "Bachelor in Paradise," the show's host is still hopeful that they can come back soon after the investigation is over. He also promised to keep everyone posted once a decision has been made.