Carrie Fisher is best known for her role in the "Star Wars" franchise as Princess Leia. In December of last year, the star collapsed during a flight from London to Los Angeles. Fisher was immediately brought to the hospital where she, unfortunately, died four days later.

What did the medical report show?

The star's medical report was released on Monday and revealed Fisher had a cocktail of drugs in her system. Once Fisher arrived at the hospital on the 23rd of December, the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center took a blood sample. The blood showed to contain Prozac (fluoxetine) and an antihistamine (diphenhydramine).

According to Doctor Cyrus Rangan, a toxicologist, it is unlikely that these substances would have led to her death.

There are conflicting reports from Forbes and The Liberal as to whether or not Fisher suffered a heart attack. Doctor Ragan, who performed an electrocardiogram, stated that she did not have a heart attack. After further examination, it was found that she also had alcohol and ecstasy in her system. The cause of Fisher's death was reported as Sleep Apnea.

Fisher's report refers to her bipolar disorder and history of drug use

Fisher's family requested that an autopsy was not to be performed on her. This is a controversial request for the family to make creating, thus, an air of suspicion surrounding the star's death.

The medical report includes past medical history of sleep apnea and bipolar disorder.

The cause of her death in the actual report states "sleep apnea and other undetermined factors". As to how the injuries were sustained, it states, "multiple drug intake, significant not ascertained". The manner of death is marked as undetermined due to the multiple factors involved.

The medical report, released on Monday, prompted Fisher's daughter to speak up.

Fisher's daughter Lourd made a statement after its release stating that her mother had battled both addiction and mental-health issues her entire life. She is open to the belief that this led to her mother's premature death at the age of 60.

Fans were devastated to hear the news of Carrie Fisher's death in December but daughter Lourd explained how her mother would want the tragedy to be a source of encouragement to other people to be open about their own struggles.

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