Music fans have a lot of reasons to thank Brian Wilson for his contribution in the rock 'n' roll scene and in the entire music industry. The American musician co-founded The Beach Boys which was formed in 1961. His long credits include co-writing some of the band's hit songs, producing his own music, co-producing for young talents, and the list goes on and on.

Happy 75th birthday, Brian!

Fans celebrated Brian Wilson's birthday by expressing their gratitude to what they call as their musical hero and inspiration. In fact, the legendary singer is one of the most talked about topics on social media on Tuesday, June 20, which only proved his strong fan base all over the world.

Aside from uploading old photos of Brian Wilson, some fans also shared his old music videos to celebrate his existence and his music. Most of them did not forget to send their well-wishes to him as they look forward to hearing more of him in his upcoming album.

"I can write rock 'n' rock"

During his previous interview with BBC, the "God Only Knows" singer opened up about his breakdown after taking psychedelic drugs when he was 22 years old.

In fact, the rock icon considered that phase his "biggest regret" after it "screwed [his] brain up." He said that he started hearing voices after his first consumption of the said drugs and added that he still hears them until now.

Brian Wilson cited he would often yell at these voices to stop them from threatening him. This was also the reason why the vocalist used to be afraid of performing live with his band.

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Meanwhile, the Beach Boys vocalist recently announced his plan to release a follow-up album of "No Pier Pressure" that was released in 2015.

In April, the 75-year-old rock 'n' roll singer said he plans to start working on his new album in a couple of months. He added that he has been "working on ideas in [his] head" for about a half year before the actual writing.

And while working on a new release, Brian Wilson and his band have brought their music to different places for the past year.

The band vocalist said they would like "keep touring and making people happy" through their music. For their roadshows, the Beach Boys would often perform some of their greatest hits from their "Pet Sounds" album. Similarly, Brian Wilson has said that he is proud of the 1966 package. The harbinger was even named as the second greatest album of all time in 2012 by the Rolling Stone.

The rock icon and his company are still scheduled for a series of shows in Europe, USA, and Canada until next year.