"Hawaii Five-0" fans are on edge, and rightfully so. After seven seasons in the spotlight, two of the drama’s leads might be ready to shake paradise out of their sandals.

Between Kono’s (Grace Park) departure for the mainland and McGarrett’s (Alex O’Loughlin) failing health, viewers have their ears pressed to the ground for any summer hiatus rumblings. Filming won’t resume until July, but you can get the latest updates on Park and O’Loughlin’s Five-0 future right now.

What’s next for Kono on ‘Hawaii Five-0’?

If Kono learned one thing from her time on the surfing circuit, it’s a sense of calm in the face of pressure.

That phlegmatic façade came crumbling down when a human trafficking ring applied pressure to her emotional epicenter, causing the seasoned Five-0 cop to leave the island behind to continue her investigation.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov isn’t ready to spill the beans on Kono’s return (or lack thereof), but TVLine got the scoop on the woman who will apparently fill Officer Kalakaua shoes in the meantime.

“The show is casting a new female series regular named Tani, a stubborn but smart and courageous former first-rate candidate who was kicked out of the police academy for cheating on her final exam — oh, and punching out a training officer, who apparently deserved to get socked,” the site reported.

Mark one up for the strong females of Honolulu. A disregard for the rules and a strong right hook certainly make Tani a strong candidate for the task force in McGarrett’s eyes.

For her part, Park has yet to make any comments indicating her desire to leave the series. Kono took an extended leave from the corps four during the fourth season, so having a character miss a few episodes in the quest to resolve a larger storyline isn’t unusual for the Friday night drama.

O’Loughlin, on the other hand, has mentioned his own departure

What does the future hold for McGarrett?

Last year, “Hawaii Five-0”s Aussie star cast doubt on the SEAL’s future while speaking with the Australian Associated Press. Bogged down in the midst of filming season 7, the actor was feeling the strain.

“I signed on for another two (seasons), which is this year and next year, series seven and eight, and I don't know if I can sustain any more than that just physically," O'Loughlin explained.

Is McGarrett’s radiation poisoning a signal that the powers that be are planning to write O’Loughlin out of the series? Fans wouldn’t bet on it, and that’s exactly what Lenkov told a fan via Twitter.

Catch the “Hawaii Five-0” season 8 premiere Sept. 19 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.