The charismatic Harry Styles is mostly known from his days in the successful pop band One Direction. But nowadays, the young and promising star is proving himself as a solo artist. On May 12th, his debut album was released, a self-titled record featuring 10 rock songs, gaining mostly positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Weeks before his debut album released, Styles announced he was going to take part in a tour to promote his new music.

When the dates were released, many of his fans felt surprised since the list contained only a handful of countries and the names of small venues. The choice of intimate shows seemed odd for such a popular artist.

Hope for more tour dates

More disappointing was the fact that, shortly after the tickets went on sale, the tour was sold out.

Time magazine reports that the tickets for all 29 dates sold out in less than 2 minutes, making it a testament to the singer's popularity.

Styles himself took to Twitter to offer words of gratitude to his fans for supporting his solo career. In the same tweet, he took the opportunity to give hope to fans that were expecting to see him play his new music live, promising to come back for more concerts.

Fear not...the world tour is coming

After much speculation and equally high hopes from fans, just last week new dates were announced for a World Tour, with dates extending into 2018.

This time around Styles is touring more countries and bigger venues to the joy of fans.

Like it was previously announced during September and October of 2017, Harry will visit select U.S. cities. Halfway through October, his dates extend into Europe, ending in Japan during the month of December.

2018 looks to be an even more successful and busy time for the singer.

The new dates announced include more dates for European cities during March and mid-April. Then Styles and his band will fly to Australia for the rest of April, and go into select Asian countries in May.

The end of May will see Harry play in South America and Mexico. The tour will end with additional North-American locations during June and July.

Other artists will join Harry for his tour, such as the all-female rock group Warpaint, who will be joining him in Asia.

While the country singer Kacey Musgraves will be the one performing alongside Styles during the U.S. and Canada dates. Lastly, the soul and gospel singer Leon Bridges will be the artist featured on the Mexico and South America concerts.

The tickets for all tour dates will be on sale next Friday, June 16th, 2017.

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